Color Now Crochet Later Coloring Book

PHEW! I cannot believe that my hand drawn coloring book Color Now, Crochet Later is available! Well for pre-order at least! If you remember a while back, there was a time when I was having a lot of trouble with my hand, this was why. I was spending so much time drawing that my hand hurt! It hurt so bad, that thinking about it now is painful. I love to draw and when we were moving I didn’t have access to all of my yarn, we were living in hotels and life was just crazy, so I went back to the basics.

Crochet now, color later.

I needed to create, so I picked up my apple pencil and iPad, not my first choice of coloring tools, but it was something. I have always been a pencil and paper artist, working on a tablet felt so weird. After some trial and error, I started to really enjoy it, but all I could seem to draw was yarny things!!! Then a light bulb went off, what if I could draw things I created? We all have such long lists of projects we want to make and let’s be honest we’ll never get to them all. But what if… you could color them? You could “Color Now, Crochet Later”…get it? Now it all makes sense doesn’t it!

Before I knew what was happening, I was staying up late, scrolling through pictures on my phone, laptop. iPad, Lightroom. blog, Instagram, everywhere, looking for project photos that I felt confident in drawing. One of the first ones I did was my Chunky Single Crochet Basket. The jumbo yarn made the stitches easy to mimic and it was a good first try to see if this idea was possible. That first page was what made me realize I could do this, so I kept going, and going, and going.

Suddenly, I had this huge folder of coloring pages…but no further plan. I thought about just selling them as a PDF on Etsy. I thought about reaching out to Publishers. I thought about just releasing them one by one on my blog. I had no idea where to start and I had told no one what I was doing. Then I did. I told my husband, I told my parents and they all said the same thing, it HAS to be a book, the Color Now, Crochet Later theme was too good to just forget it. I was skeptical, I was doubtful, I prayed.

After a lot of thinking about it, I decided to say go big or go home. Just do it, who cares if that voice in the back of my head is saying it’s silly. Who cares if it flops. I was thinking of my boys and how I want them to believe they can do anything. How could I teach them to believe that, if I didn’t? So I did.

Before we begin…let’s Get Social!

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 Free Drawn vs Project Based

  • Free Drawn Coloring Pages – These have been organically created, meaning they are out of my head and not based off of anything. 
  • Project Based Coloring Pages – These have been created from crochet patterns you can actually make! So for example, a drawing may actually be from a project photo I have shared. I then created a line drawing and also added other illustrations.

Can you guess which are which? See below to find out! Pre-order your copy now and start coloring soon!

Page 1: Free Drawn Coloring Page
The first page in my crochet coloring book is a free drawn coloring page that plays off of the idea of Yarn Mail! We all love getting fiber goodies in the mail and I love how this page came out. There were plenty of other ideas that did not come out this cute!

Page 2 : Free Drawn Coloring Page

Next, is another free drawn coloring page. I love bold scrip writing and I thought it would be a great font to color in. Of course I included some skeins of yarn, but I added some florals as well!

Page 3: Project Based Coloring Page

The first project based page in Color Now, Crochet Later is my Chunky Single Crochet Basket. This was the first project I chose to draw because the jumbo yarn made the stitches so easy to see!

Page 4: Project Based Coloring Page

Then, I tried the tassels from my Esmeralda Scarf ! They came out better than I hoped, so I decided to use the texture to make these really cute hearts to add to the background!

Page 5: Project Based Coloring Page

This is a work in progress shot from when I was making my Sophia Cardigan. That cardigan is like magic and has the best pockets!

Page 6: Project Based Coloring Page

I love the look of back loops only crochet and used a work in progress photo from my Amelia Poncho to get these partial stitches. The reminded me of flower boxes!

Page 7: Project Based Coloring Page

Technically, not from a project, but from an Instagram photo that got a lot of attention…check it out!

Page 8: Project Based Coloring Page

This is one of my first Holiday Projects! My Christmas Joy Bunting is a simple and customizable project that could be used for any celebration!

Page 9: Project Based Coloring Page

A work in progress shot from the Esmeralda Scarf!

Page 10: Project Based Coloring Page

This is a more abstract drawing with pieces created from a work in progress photo of my Lolly Split Wrap.

Page 11: Project Based Coloring Page

WINNIE! Hands down my most popular patterns, a hooded vest with pockets! I had to create a drawing from a Winnie wip photo!

Page 12: Project Based Coloring Page

These beautiful skeins and cakes were drawn off of a wip photo from my Adena Double Brim Beanie!

Page 13: Free Drawn Coloring Page

Just a free drawn fun YARN page to color!

Page 14: Free Drawn Coloring Page

I love yarn and I love ice cream, need I say more?

Page 15: Project Based Coloring Page

A wip photo of the giant yarn I used for my Chunky Single Crochet Basket.

Page 16: Free Drawn Coloring Page

Isn’t he cute! I love my skeptical little sheep, what do you think he’s thinking?

Page 17: Free Drawn Coloring Page

Of course I had to have the classic road signs.

Page 18: Project Based Coloring Page

I made this page using a hook and skein from a work in progress shot while working on my Modern Granny Square!

Page 19: Free Drawn Coloring Page

Poppies are one of my favorite flowers, so of course I had to have some!

Page 20: Free Drawn Coloring Page

One of my favorites, which made the cover with a few changes! How will you color yours?

Page 21: Project Based Coloring Page

This is a yet to be released pattern! Coming Spring 2022!

Page 22: Project Based Coloring Page

Beautiful stitches from anther once of my cozy cardigans with pockets!

I hope you have enjoyed previewing my new Yarn Themed Coloring Book, “Color Now, Crochet Later”! I am so thankful for all of the love and support I have received so far! Make sure to Pre-Order yours now!

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