Talk about a secret! I made the Esmeralda Scarf months ago and I have been dying to share it with you! But all good things take time and patience…until now! But first….

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The Esmeralda Scarf is my first design that I had the honor of making as part of THN Dream Team, exclusively for Joann, using THN Yarn and Hooks!!! Let me tell you, I am in love with every single product I have used! You can read more about THN Hooks on THN Blog!

For the Esmeralda Scarf I used THN Yummy Yarn in four different colors, Like a Dove, Blue Skies, Latte Foam and Olive You. I had so much fun coming up with the strips and figuring out the order of the colors!

This scarf was a dream to work up in this yarn and with the addition on tassels I think it’s a perfect statement piece for any wardrobe!! You can start making your Esmeralda Scarf today using the free pattern exclusive to Joann!Be sure to tag me in social media @life.and.yarn and Life and Yarn Designs!

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    1. That’s a typo, sorry! Each row has the same number of stitched arms the row number…so Row 84 has 84 stitches Row 85 has 86 and so on. So sorry!

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