7 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns

Beginner Crochet Scarf Patterns

Crochet scarves are the perfect beginner crochet project to learn to crochet different stitches. From learning a new stitch, to how to increase or decrease, a crochet scarf pattern is an easy project for a new crocheter. Keep reading for a collection of beautiful free crochet scarf patterns that will help you create you perfect handmade outfit! Some of these crochet scarves even double as shawls! I hope you enjoy these simple crochet patterns! Keep scrolling for the links to these free crochet scarf patterns for beginners!

I have put together 7 Beginner Free Crochet Scarf Patterns that I am sure you will love! If you don’t have time to check them all out now make sure you save this post to Pinterest for later and to share with others by clicking the button below! Keep scrolling for the first of seven DIY Crochet Scarves!

Crochet scarf patterns for beginners to save on Pinterest!


easy crochet triangle scarf

Esmeralda is an easy crochet triangle scarf that will help you to become familiar with the half double crochet stitch as well as learn the bobble stitch and become comfortable with increasing on one side of a crochet project. This free crochet scarf pattern is also good practice when you are learning how to change colors in crochet and learning how to weave in ends. Using 4 colors, a few color changes to do a fade and leaving you with minimal ends to weave in, if this is your first crochet project you will not be overwhelmed! Click Here to start this DIY Crochet Scarf Project now!

Penny Scarf by The Hook Nook

Crochet scarf pattern for beginners by The Hook Nook.

If you are not ready to do any increases or decreases, but still want to learn to crochet a bobble stitch, then the Penny Scarf designed by Jessica of The Hook Nook is perfect! This crochet project is worked in simple short rows using all half double crochet and bobble stitches. Just make sure to count your stitches on this DIY crochet scarf to make sure you are placing your bobbles in the correct positions! Click Here to get started using this free crochet scarf pattern now!

Cora Color Block Scarf

Color blocked free crochet scarf pattern.

If you need to do some stash busting then this is a great pattern to start with! Grab any 4 colors of worsted weight yarn and jump right into this free crochet scarf pattern! This pattern is fairly simple using all half double crochet, single crochet and bobble stitches! Cora is an oversized crochet scarf that you can wrap up and get cozy in all winter, click here to start making yours now!

The Tangram Wrap by 1 dog Woof

Simple free crochet scarf pattern.

How about a rectangular scarf made with triangles? This is a great scarf to make if you love to double crochet which is used in the whole pattern. Making this free crochet scarf pattern is great practice to learn how to carry colors over before trying a more complicated pattern! You can get started making this crochet project using the Free Pattern or you can grab a Kit from Lion Brand!


Delicate crochet triangle scarf

Hands down one of my favorite designs, the Ivy Wrap is elegant and absolutely stunning. A combination of a few different stitches this pattern is easy but also a challenge since it will require a bit more of your attention. You will have to increase and decrease and do quite a bit of counting to make sure you have proper stitch placement, but all in all it is a fairly simple free crochet scarf pattern. This is another pattern that you can pick up as a Lion Brand Kit or Click Here to use the free pattern!

Textured Scarf – A plush Pineapple

Learn to crochet stitches with this scarf pattern.

This beautiful textured scarf is an intermediate level crochet project that will help you to learn some beautiful stitches! Worked up in worsted weight yarn, this free crochet scarf pattern is sure to be a favorite to many! From the star stitch to the diamond stitch you will learn to crochet many different stitches that you will love! You can Click Here to get started on this wonderful free crochet scarf pattern now!


Beautiful crochet triangle scarf.

If you haven’t used a Z-Twist yarn then this would be a great crochet project to start with! Z -Twist yarn is designed specifically for crocheters so that we don’t untwist the yarn when we are creating stitches. You can make this free crochet scarf out of any yarn you choose but if you would like to try this type of yarn you can get a Kit from Lion Brand using Beautiful You Yarn! But if you already have some yarn on hand you can make this stunning free crochet scarf pattern by Clicking Here!

I hope you found at least one of these free crochet scarf patterns for beginners to make as your next crochet project! Make sure to sign up for the Life and Yarn Newsletter to know when I release more Free Crochet Patterns and Projects or do a new round up of other free crochet patterns I love!

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