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Welcome to the Life and Yarn Blog, where you will find a ton of Free Crochet Patterns for Beginners! If you are just learning how to crochet, I promise there are many easy and simple free crochet patterns here on my blog! No crazy hoops to jump through, just easy to read blog posts for modern, beginner crochet patterns and more!

I’m Brianna!

My name is Brianna and I am the Designer behind Life and Yarn! My blog, Life and Yarn, came to be in late 2016 after I had my first little boy! From wanting to make a few simple pieces for the baby I was growing, to making crochet pattern design my job, Life and Yarn has grown into more than I could have dreamed! 

Taught by my Grandma at a very young age, I really don’t remember not knowing how to crochet! It was a hobby I had picked up and put down many times in my life from middle school, to high school and even college! Before I became pregnant I was actually making jewelry, but sadly I had to stop because I developed pregnancy induced carpal tunnel! I didn’t even know that was a thing until it happened! Anyways, I’ve always been that person that needs to be doing something, always needing to keep my hands busy! 

So, I picked up a crochet hook that had been in my desk draw for years! I quite literally found myself hooked! With my hands not doing what I wanted them to do I was frustrated, but I could do this craft without pain! So onward I went to relearn a craft that I discovered was so natural to me!

I started out looking for simple beginner crochet patterns to make and began making weekly trips to the craft store. I had been working from home as an Architect at this point in my life so there were days I didn’t have to leave the house! Going yarn shopping was a bit of a treat! Quickly, I became bored with the patterns I found online and started combining my own stitches and Life and Yarn has really just grown from there!

Now, I have been building my blog to be filled with free crochet patterns that are easy for beginners but satisfying to seasoned makers! I try to create modern crochet patterns for all skill levels using simple crochet stitches in fun combinations! If you are just learning how to crochet I promise there is a free crochet pattern here for you!

Not sure where to start?

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