Top 9 Cotton Blend Yarns

Cotton Blend Yarn is an amazing fiber you must add into your yarn stash! I was shopping around (as I do more than I’d like to admit) when I noticed something. Lion Brand and Circulo have a ton of 100% cotton and cotton yarn blends! From acrylic cotton blends to one of my favorites, comfy cotton blend yarn, there are a ton of options for you to try if you want to crochet with cotton!

So, I have rounded up a few of my favorite cotton and cotton blend yarns from Lion Brand and Circulo along with patterns you can make with them! Keep scrolling through for learn more about these 100% cotton and cotton blend yarns and patterns to make with cotton!

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What is Cotton Blend Yarn?

Cotton Blend Yarn is any cotton based yarn that has been blended or mixed with another fiber content. This is done to add different characteristics to the yarn such as softness, sheen and durability.

Cotton Yarns can be blended with bamboo, nylon, wool and so much more!

What is cotton blend yarn good for?

Cotton Blend Yarns are good for any project such as household items like wash cloths or Dish cloths to garments like sweaters and tops. Bags and Market Totes are also great projects. There is no limit to what you can use cotton blend yarns for!

1. Pima Cotton

I definitely think this may be one of my new Favorite Cottons, but it is not a blend…this is 100% pure amazing cotton! I know, I know, you want a blend because sometimes cotton yarns can feel rough and adding something like bamboo can make them feel that much better.

However, Lion Brand Pima Cotton is hands down one of the softest 100% cottons I have ever worked with. I’m talking your favorite old stained t-shirt kind of soft!

lion brand pima cotton

Part of why I love this cotton yarn is that it is a worsted weight cotton (CYC4) that works up like a dream, creates an amazing drape and is soft while still durable.

Check out my Free Pattern Pima Cotton Pullover Crochet Sweater! I love this sweater, it’s so soft and fits great! A kit is available too!

2. Charme from Circulo

I love any and all yarns that I have worked with from Circulo! They have a ton of Cotton and Cotton Blend Yarns. That is a huge reason why I was drawn to them years ago before cotton yarns had more options! One of the first yarns I tried from Circulo was Charme, a #2 Sport Weight Cotton Yarn.

Charme Cotton

3. La Belle

New to the Market, La Belle from Circulo has stolen my heart! This blended cotton yarn is amazing because it is made in such a way that the color is complexly uniform! This blended cotton has a loft and luxurious feel and is a necessary stash staple!

La Belle a blended cotton from Circulo

4. Mako

I have been hoarding the most beautiful, blue cotton blend yarn in my stash…Mako Cotton in Royal Blue. Soft isn’t even enough to describe this category 4 worsted weight yarn. This cotton yarn blend is 94% Mako Cotton and 6% Nylon, almost all cotton! This is by far one of the most luxurious yarns I have EVER got my hands on besides 100% silk. Yeah, it’s that good!

Mako Cotton Yarn Blend

“LB Collection® Mako Cotton is prized for its extra-long staple length, which produces the smoothest, strongest cotton fiber available. LB Collection’s Mako Cotton is spun into a chainette construction, which allows for air to pass through the yarn. This creates softer, more lightweight projects than traditional spun cotton yarns. A mere 50 grams of this CYC 4 yarn has over 125 yards (in comparison, mercerized cotton in a similar gauge has 93 yards/50 grams.) It also lends durability to the yarn and prevents shedding…” – From Lion Brand’s Website

5. Coboo

Oh Coboo, your drape is amazing! Coboo cotton blend yarn is a 50% cotton, 50% bamboo that comes in such a perfect color pallet! Seriously, it is so hard to choose a color from this cotton yarn blend line from Lion Brand.

I have worked with this cotton blend fiber a few times but one of my favorite projects is my Bondi Shawl! Made with a beautiful shell-like stitch, stripes and tassels, Bondi is a fun meditative crochet project! Use the Free Crochet Pattern!

Bond Shawl made with Coboo, a cotton blend yarn.

6. Comfy Cotton

It’s safe to say the Comfy Cotton Blend Yarn is a fan favorite. I’m not sure that I have ever come across anyone who doesn’t love this yarn! I have made a few items in this cotton yarn blend and let me just say, the softness is unreal. This is a great yarn to be worn right on your skin, not a bit scratchy!

Comfy Cotton Blend Yarn is 50% cotton and 50% polyester and comes in a selection of solids and multi-color cakes. Each cake has a whopping 392 yards and is a category 3 DK weight. Comfy Cotton Blend Yarn is also machine washable and dryable which makes it great for kids items!

comfy cotton cardigan

I originally made my Olivia Cardigan in comfy cotton blend! The comfy cotton version is a bit more structured being as it is a category 3 weight DK yarn with tighter stitches. You can make Olivia in comfy cotton using this free pattern and it is available as a Lion Brand Kit!

7. LB Collection Cotton Bamboo

Another Cotton Bamboo yarn blend that I love is from the LB Collection. The LB Collection Yarns are Lion Brand’s line of yarns that are deigned to be affordable, luxury yarns that are online only exclusives to Lion Brand. The colors In this line are gorgeous and named after flowers, I have magnolia!

Crochet Triangle Shawl

I finally got around to making this beautiful shawl that can be worn as a triangle scarf, a wrap and even a cover up for the pool or the beach! You can get a Lion Brand Kit, use the Free Crochet Pattern or get a PDF on Etsy!

8. 24/7 Cotton

The workhorse of all cottons, 24/7 Cotton can do it all! The more I use this yarn the more I fall in love with is and realize how this 100% Mercerized Cotton can become anything! From home decor like blanket and pillows, to accessories like bags and even wearables like cardigans and tank tops. The possibilities are endless! The hardest part is going to be choosing colors!

24/7 cotton yarn

I have 3 Kits with Lion Brand using 24/7 cotton…more coming…but it is safe to say is one of my favorites and I’ll be using it regularly! You can click any of the photos below to shop the Kit from Lion Brand! Have fun choosing a color!

9. Cotton Jeans

Another yarn that I have been hoarding is Cotton Jeans from Lion Brand! I have gone to use this yarn so many times and then thought better of it…I knew it was meant to be something amazing and I’m pretty sure I have settled on an idea for fall! This is another 100% cotton that looks and feels like the softest denim you can imagine!

10. Oh, Baby Organic

I had a bunch of his yarn…and I’m not sure where it went or what exactly I did with it. Anyways, if you are in search of an affordable organic cotton that comes in an array of colors then Oh, Baby has your covered! This is classified as a CYC2 Sport but can be worked double for a faster project. This yarn is also super soft and has beautiful stitch definition. I’m pretty sure I made and gifted washcloths with this yarn, but no pattern came of it…maybe I need to get some more!

11. Shawl in a Ball

Did you know that Shawl in a Ball is the same as Shawl in a Cake? It is, just wound differently! I have only ever swatched with this yarn. It works up beautifully, especially when you use an oversized hook to get a more open fabric! This Acrylic Cotton Blend has the look and feel of mohair and with the addition of stellina it is ultra lux!

Have you tried any of these 100% cotton or cotton blend yarns from Lion Brand? Tell me in the comments below! I hope you found a few you want to try and that you love them too! Each one I have worked with has been amazing and I can’t wait to start working with the others! Be sure to sign up for the Life and Yarn Newsletter so you know when I finish creating new free patterns with these cotton blend fibers! Check out all of my modern free crochet pattens for something to make today!

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  1. Being from Canada can really have it’s drawbacks. I have wanted to try so many of these cotton blends but unfortunately the cost of shipping and then I get dinged duty as well when anything arrives ( I have bought 2 of their kits in the past ) that these cottons are not affordable for me. We do have a Micheals but they of course don’t carry many of the Lionbrand yarns sadly. I have though been lucky this past week and managed to get the Truboo cotton it has only just arrived to my Micheals. I was so hoping you would have a write up and some suggestions for patterns but alas you didn’t. The truboo I have to say feels so silky and has a lovely shine to it as well as being a dk weight.I’m hoping it will just glide on my hook. I personally, like you have never really worked with cotton blends or even 100% cotton so this is all new to me even though I have crocheted for 47 years I have always been a worsted gal with also dk weights of baby yarn. So all these lovely yarns that come out are something I could really get into trying. Thank you for your lovely post and sorry I was so long winded lol.

    1. I will be adding pattern links as I make more patterns, some of these are new to me as well! Do you have a Joanns near you? I know they carry a lot of the LB Yarns too!

  2. I have been making chemo caps out of various yarns containing cotton. I have made a couple out of Comfy Cotton and one out of Mako. You are right in saying that Mako is so soft and luxurious. I just received my order of the Royal Blue from Lion Brand Yarn and can’t wait to get started.

    Thank you for this post on your blog as it helps me in my research of Cotton yarns.

    1. That’s so nice of you to be making chemo caps!! I’m working with the royal blue now and it’s a dream!!! I’m glad you found this post helpful!!!

  3. I love the ice cream cotton blend! I made the sunset ruana & love how the colors played out for a sunset beach scene. Even tho Joann’s said it was in-stock in their store and online, I had to order it from Lion Brand. A little pricey but it’s beautiful for a wearable. It took 14 skeins to finish my ruana. ? Now I just have to figure out what to make with the leftover yarn!

  4. I loved LB Merino Silk Cotton but now its discontinued. PLEASE tell me you’ve found as good a substitute because I used it ALOT HELP PLEASE

    1. This makes me sad too ? but I’d say Lion brand sock ease or summer nights would be a good alternative!

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