3 Easy Lightweight Crochet Patterns

What Can I Crochet With Lightweight Yarn?

Have you ever asked “What Can I Crochet With Lightweight Yarn?” If you have, then this post with 3 Easy Lightweight Crochet Patterns is for you! I love lightweight yarns, but I know that lightweight crochet projects can scare some people away from a crochet pattern! Merino Silk Cotton is a Cotton Blend Yarn that I love from Lion Brand! I have done a few projects with it like a lightweight crochet wrap/shawl, a scarf and a cardigan! Check out the patterns below and grab a Kit from Lion Brand or use the Free Patterns! Don’t forget, you can now choose ANY color for a Lion Brand Kit!

Lion Brands Merino Silk Cotton used for the Ivy Wrap

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About the Yarn

First, I want to tell you a bit more about Lion Brand’s Merino Silk Cotton Yarn Blend! It is a lightweight, category 1 yarn which is considered superfine, but don’t let that stop you! I PROMISE it works up really fast with these 3 Easy Lightweight Crochet Patterns! I use a larger hook in all of these patterns to create light, open and airy handmade garments and accessories that you will love!

Merino Silk Cotton is categorized as a super fine weight #1 but I truly feel that it is more of a fine #2 or even a lighter weight dk #3. It has a beautiful tweed like look to it, or almost like a tonal yarn. Each skein has 191 yards and is 1.75 ounces. All eight colors are stunning with a wonderful vintage vibe. This yarn being made from 50% wool, 25% cotton and 25% silk make it so luxurious you’re going to want to use it again and again. The stitch definition with this yarn is wonderful no matter pattern, the stitch or hook size. Out of the 3 easy light weight crochet patterns I have created, they are all equally beautiful! Try Merino Silk Cotton, I promise you will love it!

From Lion Brand…

“When you blend fibers in a yarn, you get the best properties of each fiber. With 50% merino wool, this CYC 1 superfine weight yarn has merino’s memory and bounce. The 25% cotton gives the yarn softness and breathability, and the 25% silk provides luster and drape. This is the perfect yarn for shawls and lightweight garments, or any project that needs the finest blend of luxury.” -Lion Brand

Merino Silk Cotton Yarn Colors, Click to Shop!

This Cotton Yarn Blend is seriously perfection! Each of my designs I have created have quickly become some of my most favorite handmade items to wear! WAIT, I almost forgot! Lion Brand has recently changed their website and now you can grab any kit in ANY COLOR! So now you’re not limited to a select few, you can choose any of the stunning eight colors of Merino Silk Cotton! Links below for these kits to grab in any color!

3 Easy Lightweight Crochet Patterns for you to make with Merino Silk Cotton!

1. The Ivy Wrap

lightweight crochet wrap made with a cotton blend yarn

The Ivy Wrap is a stunning, lightweight crochet wrap or shawl that was part of Lion Brand’s 2020 Summer Promotion! I designed this modern crochet wrap to have a gentle angle so that it will hug around your shoulders, perfect for a chilly night at the beach! This lightweight crochet wrap works up fast with the mesh created with chain spaces and bobbles. If you love textured crochet pieces then this lightweight crochet shawl is for you!

Right now you can grab this lightweight crochet shawl as a kit from Lion Brand! Lion Brand recently did an amazing overhaul on their site that now allows you to pick the color of your project! Kits used to only come in select colors from the yarn line they were made in, however, now you can choose any of the eight Merino Silk Cotton Colors to make your Ivy Wrap!

This piece is an oversized wrap so it can easily double as a lightweight crochet shawl! Imagine it in Boysenberry like the Mila Scarf below or in Olive like Olivia! I think I’ll have to make another! Try Merino Silk Cotton today!

Pattern Details

  • One Size – 30” deep x 30” wide each wing.
  • Size 5.50 mm crochet hook                                            
  •  7 Skeins of LB Merino Silk Cotton – Shown in Ecru
  • Skill Level : Intermediate

2. The Olivia Cardigan

Lightweight crochet cardigan to make with Merino Silk Cotton Blended Yarn!

I loved this pattern so much I made it twice! More on that in a second! The Lightweight Crochet Olivia Cardigan is PERFECT for hot weather! I can’t be outside all day on the sun with bare shoulders…but sometimes the heat is too much. That’s why this lightweight crochet cardigan is the answer to staying cool but still protecting your skin in the summer sun!

Made with a larger hook, the open stitches make this lightweight crochet cardigan is super breathable and remember, you can now choose any color on Lion Brand’s new site! I love mine in Olive, but could you imagine yours in Sky or Cocoa? Head on over to Lion Brand and grab a kit now!

Like I said earlier, I loved this design so much I made it twice! The Olivia Cardigan can also be made using DK weight yarn, I used Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton. Check out this post for all the details. The yardage, hook and gauge are different!

Pattern Details

3. The Mila Scarf

A lightweight crochet scarf made with #1 weight yarn.

This Lightweight Crochet Scarf is a fun design because it is asymmetrical! Notice in the photos how each tassel hangs at a different height? That’s the fun of this lightweight crochet scarf! All you have to do is make sure to line up the center tassel on your torso and then when you wrap the corners one will naturally fall longer than the other!

Also, the Mila Scarf is an oversized scarf so it easily doubles as a lightweight crochet shawl or wrap! I love designing garments that can easily be used multiple ways. When you spend so much time making an item it is always a plus when you have a ton of styling options! I am normally not a purple person, but Merino Silk Cotton in Boysenberry is stunning isn’t it?

Pattern Details

  • Size – 60” x 43” x 75”
  • Worked from the widest point to smallest.
  • 5.00 mm Crochet Hook
  • 6 Skeins of LB Merino Silk Cotton – Shown in Boysenberry
  • Skill Level : Intermediate

Bonus Free Patterns

All of these 3 Easy Lightweight Crochet Patterns are available for free on my blog! Make the Ivy Wrap now to wear on you next vacation! Or get started on Olivia today to add to your handmade wardrobe! Work up Mila quick with the window rows, bobbles and tassels!

If you’re looking for more crochet projects, check out my entire Free Patterns Section and find something to make today! Make sure to sign up for the Life ands Yarn Newsletter so you never miss a new great crochet pattern!

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