Kagan Boho Crossbody Free Crochet Pattern!

Looking for a Quick Crochet Project?

Do you sometimes need a quick crochet project to break up some of the more challenging ones you take on? I know I do and that is exactly why I created this crochet crossbody pattern! I had this awesome Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton and it was just designed to become Kagan, an urban boho crochet bag! I had so much fun designing this modern crochet pattern with a vintage twist!

Crochet Crossbody Pattern
Kagan Boho Bag with Fringe!

This Modern, yet vintage crochet pattern is designed to be simple using only single crochet and bobbles! How fun is that? It looks more intricate than it is, but this urban crochet bag is really made with 4 of the same exact squares creatively placed to give it is signature look! I hope you love making this fast crochet project!

Design Story and Inspiration for this Urban Crochet Bag

I have always loved certain parts of 70’s fashion. I love how fun the styling was and that crochet was a part of it! When I think of the 70’s I think of the music festivals and I just have this picture in my head of different textures and fringe. I wanted to design a modern boho crochet bag pattern with a vintage vibe and I think that the Kagan Crossbody did just that!

I love how this bohemian styled bag turned out! I kept it simple so that this crochet crossbody pattern could fit into just about any wardrobe. I also wanted it to be a quick crochet project to do in between bigger projects! That’s why Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton was perfect for this project…

A fast boho crochet bag pattern!
Crossbody Bag with Boggles and Single Crochet

About the Yarn!

For this Boho Crochet Bag Design I wanted to use something sturdy but nice and Lion Brand’s 24/7 cotton is just that! From the Lion Brand Website, “24/7 Cotton is a worsted-weight, mercerized 100% natural fiber yarn. The mercerization process gives the yarn incredible color and sheen which will last through multiple wash cycles. Choose from a variety of 24 colors, which will be perfect for making fashion garments, home décor, bath and kitchen accessories, and items for babies and children.” This yarn gives you amazing stitch definition which make the bobble on this modern vintage crochet pattern really pop!


Size 3.50 mm crochet hook
#4 Worsted 744 yds or
4 Skeins of Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton
Yarn Needle


I know some like to say that gauge isn’t important for certain items and while I understand the reasoning, gauge isn’t just about fit. It is also about making sure you have enough yarn. If you crochet too loose or to tight you may end up with not enough yarn! So please be sure to check your gauge for this crochet crossbody pattern so you have enough yarn! The gauge for this pattern is 19 sts X 22 rows in SC is 4” x 4″.

Stitch Descriptions and Abbreviations

  • Chain Stitch – CH – yarn over, pull yarn through stitch on hook.
  • Slip Stitch – Sl St – Insert hook into stitch or space, yarn over, pull yarn through both loops on hook.
  • Single Crochet – SC – Insert hook into stitch or space, yarn over, pull up a loop, (2 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook.
  • Half Double Crochet – HDC – Yarn over, insert hook into stitch or space, yarn over, pull up a loop, (3 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through 3 loops on hook.
  • Foundation Single Crochet – FSC – Chain 2, insert hook into 2nd chain from hook, yarn over and pull up a loop (2 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through both loops, (1 foundation single crochet with chain at the bottom) *Insert hook to the bottom of the stitch you just made, it will look like the top or “V” of a stitch, pull up a loop (2 loops on hook) yarn over, pull through all loops* repeat for desired amount of stitches.
  • Bobble Stitch – BO – Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through two loops (2 loops on hook) yarn over, insert hook in same stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through two loops (3 loops on hook) yarn over, insert hook in same stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through two loops (4 loops on hook) yarn over, insert hook in same stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through two loops (5 loops on hook)Yarn over, and draw through all loops on hook. Continue to next stitch.

Pattern Notes

  • One Size– 12-1/2” at deepest point x 12-1/2” at widest point.
  • * Designates a repeat.  
  • Ch 1 does not count as stitch.
  • Skill Level: Easy Intermediate

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A Free Modern Vintage Crochet Pattern!

Panels – Make 4

Row 1
Fsc 40, ch 1, turn.
Row 2
Sc 40 sts, ch 1, turn. [40 total stitches]
Row 3 
3 sc, 1 bo, sc to end, ch 1, turn. [40 total stitches]
Rows 4 – 6
Sc 40 sts, ch 1, turn. [40 total stitches]
Rows 7 – 42
Repeat rows 3 – 6
Row 43
7 sc, 1 bo, *3 sc, 1 bo* repeat 6 more times for a total of 8 bo, 4 sc, ch 1, turn.  [40 total stitches]
Rows 44 – 46
Repeat Row 2
Finish off.

Strap – Make 1

Step 1 – Fsc 150, 2 sc in base of last sc.
Step 2 –
Work 1 sc along the bottom edge of the Fsc you just created to the last Fsc [149 sts],
Step 3 – Work 3 sc in the first Fsc you created so that you will be turning to work along the other side. 
Step 4 – Work 1 sc across the top of each Fsc, you are essentially working in a spiral.
Step 5 – When you reach the curve working back to the other side from step 3, place 2 sc in each of the 3-sc that created the curved edge.
Step 6 – Repeat to the other side and Sl St together and finish off.

Kagan, an urban crochet bag with fringe!

Assembly for your Quick Crochet Project!

Note: Reference Diagram and Photo for Clarity.
Step 1 – Lay two panels of your boho crochet bag with wrong sides facing on top of each other with the bobbles at the bottom of the bag.
Step 2 – Fold your other two panels in half, to create triangles, with their wrong sides facing and position the bobbles to create a point to mimic the bottom of the bag.
Step 3 – Starting from Point A, sl st or seam to Point B. I used as sl st for more definition.
Step 4 – From Point B to Point C, sc the front and back panels together evenly. 
Step 5 – Place 3 sc in Point C and then continue to sc evenly up to Point D.
Step 6 – When you reach Point D you will sl st of seam as you did from Point A to B.
Step 7 – Now sc evenly around the entire opening of the urban crochet bag, placing 3 sc in the top corners until you arrive back to Point A
Finish off.
Step 8 – Seam your strap onto each top corner and finish off!
Note: Get creative with you layout! Maybe you want your bobbles flipped the other way, just rotate the squares! You have so many panel layout option with this modern vintage crochet pattern!

Assembly Diagram for this crochet crossbody pattern.
Quick crochet projects

Sew your straps on at the top corners of your boho crochet bag and weave in your ends.


You can use your remaining yarn to make fringe. I cut mine into 7” pieces and then attaches them to the sc sts along the bottom creating finished 3-1/2” fringe. I think the fringe is the perfect finishing touch for this urban crochet bag but tassels would be fun too!

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  1. I am trying to find the pattern for the Kagan Crossbody Boho and I keep getting directed to a different page. The blue bag is one of the prettiest bags I have seen and would love to make it.

    1. Hi! The Kagan is scheduled to go live tomorrow.The links are up for the patterns that have been released ??

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