Best Crochet Pattern Books for Designers

Do you love to Learn New Crochet Stitches? Are you a Crochet Designer or a Hobbyist? After the recent release of my Crochet Bookmark Pattern it dawned on me how much simple patterns are loved! Not only was this free crochet pattern something that people needed, but it was an opportunity to learn a new crochet stitch combination on a simple project! That got me thinking…if you love learning new crochet stitches, simple projects and books as much as me…then you would probably love to know what some of my favorite crochet pattern books and stitch dictionaries are!

In this post I am going to share with you my go-to crochet pattern books and stitch dictionaries! I use these books when I design my free crochet patterns for the Life and Yarn Blog! These are great crochet books for any crochet pattern designer or hobbyist to have. Why you ask? As a designer it is nice to have a reference to different and new-to-you stitch combinations. As a Hobbyist, you might not be able to find exactly what you want, say a blanket, but by having books like these you can find a beautiful stitch and with some simple math make a blanket!

Best Crochet Pattern Books for Designers

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1. Crochet Every Way Stitch Dictionary by Dora Ohrenstein.

I purchased this book in 2019 when it first become available! I have loved flipping through the pages and while I have not utilized it for patterns yet, I appreciate having so many stitch patterns with the increases and decreases already worked out!

What Dora has done, is create a reference of 125 different stitch patterns and how to crochet them in three different ways! Meaning she shows you (with written instructions and stitch diagrams) how to do the stitch with straight edges, increased edges and decreased edges! This a great tool for all crocheters since shaping with single crochet may be easy, but have you tried to shape shells? It can be quite difficult to figure out!

What I really love about this book, is that not only does it have written instructions and stitch diagrams, but it also has beautiful photographs! That doesn’t just make it visually appealing, but it allows you to see how much the decrease or increase affects the angle of the edge. I find that helpful since I may want a more or less drastic change, which will allow me to see ahead of time that I will need to adjust my increase or decrease rows!

2. The Complete Book of Crochet Border Designs by Linda P. Schapper

This book is really fun because it has so many detailed edges that resemble lace! Using a simple stitch like single crochet or half double crochet is great for big projects and by adding one of these borders you can really add some flare to a project!

I used this book when designing my crochet bookmark pattern and found a beautiful stitch that I worked on both sides of a foundation single crochet. Again, this book contains beautiful photos, diagrams and written instructions to help you create the most beautiful border edging!

Think beyond just crochet with this book…you could add these edgings to store bought jackets, pants and blankets! How easy would it to be to get some nice felt for for a baby blanket and make it really special by adding one of these borders?!

3. The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs by Linda P. Schapper

This book probably should have been the first book I listed but I am pretty sure this is something that almost every crocheter has. I would have to say that this is one of the most complete books of stitch patterns that I have come across. Only one, maybe two others, come to mind as a stitch dictionary with so many options to choose from.

I believe this was one of my first crochet pattern books. I love it because it utilizes photos, stitch diagrams and written instructions. It includes the multiple, which is helpful if you are designing or just making for the fun of it. This book of Crochet Stitch Designs is divided up into easy to understand categories that make it helpful to find what you are looking for. There is also a visual index of thumbnails in the beginning of the book! I would highly suggest this book for any crocheter, new or seasoned, designer or hobbyist.

4. 50 Crochet Cable Stitches by Manuela Laitenberger

The excitement when I found this book is indescribable. I love cables, I *can* knit but I am not good at it…one day I will sit and work on that skill. Until then, I had been on the hunt for a book of crochet cables. It seemed that every google search turned up the same few cable patterns and honestly, the pattern writing isn’t always the best. So when I found this book, I just about cried.

This is a beautiful book, it takes some getting used to since there is a lot of literal overlapping of stitches. If you decide to pick this book up, take the time to really read through the beginning to understand the terms. I used this book once for my Canan Cabled Headband. I plan to use it more, but working out how to write cable instructions that fit well in my patterns is a challenge. One day…one day!

5. The Crocheter’s Skill-Building Workshop by Dora Ohrenstein.

Personally, I bought this book for two reasons…the small collection of stitch patterns in the back of the book and because I like crochet books. BUT once I actually sat down with this book I realized it has a wealth of knowledge. From things like yarn sources, manufacturing, the spin of yarn, yarn materials, adjusting stitch height and even hand health! This book also has a ton of great information on things like color work, crochet in the round, shaping, seaming and even weaving in your ends!

Growing up in New York, we would get some crazy snow storms even hurricanes and I can recall many times not having power for days, even close to weeks! Having crochet reference books like this is a must. When the things we take for granted like power and internet go down, paper resources like books are a great thing to have on hand! I would highly suggest having this book in your library to learn from away from a screen!

6. Step into Crochet by Rohn Strong.

I know, not really a reference book per se, but socks to me are a whole different animal in the crochet world. I feel like it is a normal item to make in knitting, but crochet socks are a bit of an outlier…right? Although, I feel like I am starting to see them more. That is why I am including this book here and in my post about crochet pattern books. To me, this is not just a book of sock patterns, it is a resource of how to make crochet socks.

If you don’t know Rohn, you should! He is so talented and knowledgeable, plus a great teacher! This book of crochet socks is the perfect book to get started with if you have never made a crochet sock…or a pair…see what I did there? He explains so much more about socks than just the pattern basics. In this book Rohn explains how to get the right fit, how to choose yarn, sock construction and so much more! I actually have a ton of beautiful yarn that I only purchased a skein of and socks would be perfect! Socks are a great stash busting project since they don’t take much yardage! Time to make something simple yet complex and rewarding!

7. Live Loop Cables in Crochet by Sue Perez.

Oh this book, last but not least! I have flipped through this beautiful book so many times and dream of the designs I could create using this technique. However, I have not had the time between moving and chasing these little ones to sit and really wrap my head around the concept. I plan to dig into it this coming summer when I hope to have a bit of down time!

If you are a crocheter that likes a challenge to to try different things, this is the book for you! Live loops is such a cool concept and mimics knit cables without the typical bulky feel you get with crochet!

Final Thoughts…

I hope you found at least one book in this post that you were excited for and can learn something new from! I love books, especially real paper books that I can hold in my hands and flip though. Looking through a computer screen just isn’t the same and my little crochet bookmark was really a blessing in disguise! How nice to know how many of you love a real paper book and have a need for bookmarks! Now let’s get making!


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