37 Free Crochet Bookmark Patterns – Easy Crocheted Bookmarks

Crochet Bookmarks are a great gift to make for a book lover! Check out these 37 Free Crochet Bookmark Patterns if you are looking for practical quick projects. These handmade bookmarks use a range of basic crochet stitches to more advanced stitches to create intricate designs and complex patterns.

Below is a list of 37 Quick Crochet Projects for Bookmarks!

In this blog post I have set up an easy to use list of crochet bookmarks using a clickable table of contents. This will make it easy for you scroll and jump to the free crochet pattern you are interested in making.

I have made sure to check each easy project on this list of to confirm they are really Free Crochet Bookmark Patterns! This list of is sure to have a quick project or two or five for every skill level

Browse this list to find an adorable new bookmark to crochet. I have made sure to make the links clear and let you know the type of yarn used! Let’s find your next easy crochet project!

So, Why Make Crochet Bookmarks?

Crochet bookmarks are great for a whole bunch of reasons. They use small amounts of yarn which make them perfect for using up scrap yarn! 

A handmade bookmark is a great gift idea for the avid reader in your life! Pair it with a favorite  book and a treat, ta da! Wonderful gift!

When the holiday season rolls around finding an easy crochet pattern like these crocheted bookmarks will be a perfect last-minute gift.

In spring time Mother’s Day or end of the year gifts for teachers can be tricky, however, a beautiful bookmark that doesn’t take a long time but is thoughtful will show how much you care!

Sometimes when I am overwhelmed I need projects that are great stress relievers. A quick crochet pattern is one of those instant gratification projects I look for to unwind my brain.

Bookmark Design

Bookmarks are great for makers and designers alike as they allow us the opportunity to try new yarns, different yarn weights, stitches and even different colors in a fun way! 

There have been many times when I first began to crochet that I made some questionable yarn purchases, like thread. I had no idea what to do with it but still thought it was pretty yarn. A lacy crochet bookmark is the perfect use for a skein of yarn that is just screaming to be used!

For designers, crochet bookmarks are a great way to jump into design for the first time or to try some new stitches without committing to a huge project!

A crocheted bookmark may use just basic stitches like single crochet or double crochet or more complex crochet stitches like post stitches.

Shells Bookmark

Crochet this Shells Bookmark by Life and Yarn. This pattern uses worsted weight yarn.

Simply Daisy Bookmark

Crochet this Simply Daisy Bookmark from Pixie Creates. This Pattern uses worsted weight yarn.

Beginner Bookmark

Crochet this Beginner Bookmark from Cozy Nook Designs that will help you to learn to change colors. This pattern uses worsted weight Pima Cotton from Lion Band.

Sunshine Bookmark

Crochet this Sunshine Bookmark by Ashley Beals as a free download on Ravelry. This Pattern uses embroidery thread.

Vintage Bookmark

Crochet this vintage style crocheted bookmark from Happy Berry, this pattern uses sport weight and has a video tutorial.

Lacy Bookmark

Crochet this lacy bookmark by Life and Yarn. This pattern uses fingering weight yarn.

Dainty Daisy Bookmark

Crochet this Dainty Daisy Bookmark from Rich Textures Crochet. This Pattern uses DK weight yarn.

Lace Corner Bookmark

Crochet this Lace Corner Bookmark by Joy as it Flies. This pattern uses worsted this cotton yarn.

Lemon Peel Crochet Bookmark

Crochet this cute Lemon Peel bookmark using the free pattern and video tutorial. This pattern uses crochet thread.

Birgitta’s Bookmark

Crochet this lace bookmark by Torun Johansson as a free download on Ravelry. This pattern uses thread.

Summer Flower Bookmark

Crochet this Summer Flower Bookmark by The Stitchin Mommy. This pattern uses super fine/fingering weight yarn.

XOXO Bookmark

Crochet this XOXO Bookmark by Hooks. Books and Wanderlust. This pattern uses DK weight yarn.

Crescent Bookmark

Crochet the Crescent Bookmark by Rich Textures Crochet. This pattern uses DK weight yarn.

Deta’s Bookmark

Crochet Deta’s Bookmark by Torun Johansson as a free download on Ravelry. This pattern uses thread.

Vintage Crochet Lace Bookmark

Crochet this Vintage Crochet Lace Bookmark by Kirsten Holloway Designs. This pattern uses thread.

Bunny Rabbit Bookmark

Crochet this Bunny Rabbit Bookmark by Heart Hook Home. This pattern uses worsted weight yarn.

Crochet Striped Pencil Bookmark

Make this Crochet Striped Pencil Bookmark by Knot My Designs. This pattern uses worsted weight yarn.

Botanical Bookmark

Crochet this Botanical Bookmark by Fiber Flux. This pattern uses sport weight yarn

Lotte Bookmark

Crochet the Lotte Bookmark by Blue Star Crochet. This pattern uses fingering weight yarn.

Budding Leaf Bookmark

Crochet this beautiful design for the Budding Leaf Bookmark from Trying an End. This pattern uses worsted weight cotton yarn.

Blissful Bookmark

Crochet this stunning bookmark using the free pattern. This bookmark was designed to use crochet thread.

Rainbow Bookmark

Crochet the Rainbow Bookmark by Maro Kakali as a free download on Ravelry. This pattern uses sport weight.

Very Shelley Bookmark

Crochet the Very Shelley Bookmark by Labours of Love Crochet. This pattern uses worsted weight yarn.

Sunflower Book Marker

Crochet the Sunflower Book Marker by Meladora’s Creations. This pattern uses worsted weight yarn.

Shell Stitch Bookmark

Crochet a beautiful shell stitch bookmark with this free pattern from Juniper and Oaks using DK weight yarn.

Rectangle Granny

Crochet this Rectangle Granny by The Crochet Swirl. This pattern uses DK weight yarn.

Amigurumi Crochet Rat Bookmark

Crochet this Amigurumi Crochet Rat Bookmark by the Supergurumi. The pattern uses sport weight yarn. 

Flower Bookmark

Crochet this Flower Bookmark by Emmi Hai as a free download on Ravelry or as a post on Instagram. Scroll the carousel of photos for the pattern instructions. This pattern uses sport weight yarn.

Flower Garden Bookmark

Crochet this Flower Garden Bookmark by Rich Textures Crochet. This pattern uses DK weight yarn.

Happy Monster Crochet Bookmark

This Happy Monster Crochet Bookmark is adorable that was designed by A Crocheted Simplicity and uses worsted weight yarn.

Cupcake Bookmark

Crochet this Cupcake Bookmark by Yum Yarn Crochet and Crafts in fingering weight yarn!

Leaf Bookmark

Crochet this Leaf Bookmark by Supergurumi in sport weight yarn.

Bonnie’s Cross

Crochet Bonnie’s Cross bookmark by Bonnie DeCamp using thread.

Beauty for Ashes Bookmark

Crochet the Beauty for Ashes Bookmark by Deborah Ziegler as a free Ravelry download using sport weight yarn.

Crochet Lace Bookmark 

Make this Crochet Lace Bookmark pattern from Crochet Bits using Superfine CYC 1 yarn.

Lacy Pineapple Bookmark

Crochet this Lacy Pineapple Bookmark by Olga Poltava, this pattern uses thread.

Quick No-Sew Flower Bookmark

You will love this quick crochet bookmark pattern with a flower from Red Ted Art. This pattern can use any size yarn.

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