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Stitch Reference Guide!

Phew! I have been working on something super fun in collaboration with The Hook Nook Blog! It’s a new blog series where I will be sharing some of my favorite stitches! Through out the summer, posts will be going live on THN Blog of some really fun stitches that I love, think of this post as a Stitch Reference Guide!!! Some you may have seen me use already, others…not yet, but they’re coming soon!

I will update this Stitch Reference Guide Post with the links to the stitch tutorials as they go live! You will also find links to patterns where I have used these stitches or maybe a hint or two of new patterns coming! Maybe some other goodies too…

Diamond Stitch

The series is being kicked off with the Diamond Stitch! I love this stitch so much! It is one of those stitches that is not too complicated, but also just enough of a challenge to be satisfying!

Crochet Stitch Reference Guide
Crochet Stitch Reference Guide

Truth be told, I was scared to try this stitch for the first time which is why I used it to design my “Hello Darling Headband!” A simple and fast crochet project that was just big enough to try out the Diamond Stitch. I know this stitch will be making an appearance in future designs!

Head on over to THN Blog for the full tutorial on the Diamond Stitch!

Modified Shell Stitch

Next up is the Modified Shell Stitch! You probably recognize this stitch from a few of my designs! Now you can head over to The Hook Nook Blog to get the tutorial and get creative with it yourself!

Mod Shell St..JPG

My Modified Shell Stitch works up really fast and creates such an amazing material! I used this stitch on the Bondi Shawl and the Delta Cocoon! You’ll probably see it used on some future projects too!

Tulip Stitch

The Tulip Stitch Tutorial is now live on The Hook Nook Blog!! So far I have not used this specific stitch for one of my designs, but…keep a look out for it!

Tulip St

The Tulip Stitch is such a fun, satisfying and interesting stitch! I am sure you will love it, so go get creative using the tutorial on THN Blog!

The Cable Stitch

The Cable Stitch is now Live on The Hook Nook Blog! Cables used to scare me. Not anymore! I promise with a bit of practice and some patience you can make beautiful crochet cables!

I used this stitch for my Canan Cabled Headband! It’s a free pattern on the Life and Yarn Blog!

The Iris Stitch

The Iris Stitch is now Live on The Hook Nook Blog! I love how this stitch is so delicate! The Iris Stitch is a fun and fast stitch that can be used in so many ways! Just look athow pretty the edge is!


I have yet to the Iris Stitch for any of my patterns but you can be sure I will be!

Stay tuned for more Stitch Tutorials coming soon! Be sure to sign up for the Life and Yarn Newsletter below and be the first to know when more stitch tutorials are live!


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