Something really exciting happened with Delta! Delta is now a KIT for a LIMITED TIME with Mary Maxim!

Currently, Delta is only part of their Canadian Catalog. If you are a US buyer, send Mary Maxim an email (, call them (888-442-2266) message them on Facebook, Instagram, wherever you can and tell them you would like Delta to be made available to the US market! I believe you can purchase, as a US buyer buy shipping will vary!

If you already have yarn, you can purchase the pattern for the Delta Cocoon on Ravelry or Etsy for $3!

Do you ever want a mindless crochet project? Then the Delta Cocoon Free Crochet Pattern is for you!


Once you get that pattern repeat in your head it just flows off of your hook while you listen to music, watch a movie or maybe your favorite podcast? Well, the Delta Cocoon is just that!

Don’t be intimidated by the intricate looking shell pattern. Just a few simple row repeats and you will be on your way to breezing through this project. When you’re done, you won’t even believe how fast it went!

Designed to be easy to wear and style, this cocoon is for everyone. I designed this cocoon in three size groupings, Petite, Standard and Plus. If you are an in between size you can go up or down for the fit you desire!

Delta Cocoon
Delta Cocoon Free Crochet Pattern by Life and Yarn

As always…

You can grab a copy of the Delta Cocoon on Ravelry or Etsy for just $3 if you want a Printable PDF.

Please head over to Ravelry to make a project for Delta and add it to your favorites!

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6 replies on “Delta Cocoon Crochet Pattern

      1. Yes there are links but not for the free pattern!!!!! What a rip off m, Your pattern is nice but not worth the turmoil of trying to find it!@!!!!

      2. The patter WAS free but is currently contracted with Mary Maxim, it will not be free again until the contract is over, as stated in the post, sorry.

    1. Delta is currently a color with Mary Maxim so the free pattern is unavailable until the contract is up! You can grab a kit or a PDF, the links are in the post!

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