Crochet Kitchen Towel

Free Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

A Crochet Kitchen Towel is a great project for a beginner to learn a new stitch, a project to use up some yarn in your stash or a thoughtful housewarming gift for a friend or co-worker! I designed these oversized crochet kitchen towels to be durable yet stylish! Keep scrolling to use the free crochet pattern in the blog post below!

Make this easy free crochet kitchen towel using this pattern.

How to Crochet a Kitchen Towel

By following this easy and beginner friendly crochet pattern you can quickly make your own durable kitchen towels in no time! Using a simple single crochet stitch and modifying it to a single crochet spike stitch you will have a cute textured crochet kitchen towel in no time!

The Best Yarn to use for a Crochet Kitchen Towel

Cotton Yarn is the best material to make crochet kitchen towels, dishcloths, hand towels and washcloths. Basically, cotton is a workhorse of a yarn if you want something to last. Using a cotton like Circulo Maxcolor, Lion Brand 24/7 or Lily Sugar’n Cream would be my top 3 choices for any of these projects!



The gauge for this crochet kitchen dishcloth is 14 sts x 20 rows in the pattern repeat. This is a tight and dense gauge making this a very sturdy dishtowel that will be great for scrubbing, grabbing hot pots and pans or even used as a hot pad on your table! You may decrease your gauge by using a larger hook if you would like a more draped fabric.

Handmade crochet dishcloth from cotton yarn.

Stitch Descriptions and Abbreviations

  • Chain Stitch – ch
  • Slip Stitch – sl st 
  • Stitch(es) – st(s)
  • Single Crochet  – sc
  • Surface Slip Stitch – SSS – work a sl st as you normally would however, you are working it on the surface by bringing your hook through the front to back to front of the previous stitch or row end.
  • Single Crochet Spike Stitch  – SPsc – Working your single crochet stitch as you normally would, create your single crochet in the stitch below “X” rows/rounds below. For this pattern, you will be working your SPsc one (1) row down.
  • Foundation Single Crochet – Fsc – Chain 2, insert hook into 2nd chain from hook, yarn over and pull up a loop (2 loops on hook), yarn over, draw through 1 loop, (2 loops on hook with 1 ch created), yarn over, draw through all loops (1 loop on hook, 1 foundation single crochet with chain at the bottom). *Insert hook to the bottom of the stitch you just made, it will look like the top or “V” of a stitch, yarn over, pull up 1 loop (2 loops on hook), yarn over, draw through 1 loop (2 loops on hook with 1 ch created), yarn over, draw through all loops;* repeat from * to * for desired amount of stitches.

Pattern Notes

  • One Size – 15.5” wide x 12” tall
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • * Designates a repeat.
  • No Ch 1 is used at the end of rows for a cleaner edge, you may use one if you like but it does not count as a stitch.
  • “sc 1” means to single crochet in the next stitch.
  • “sc 2” means to single crochet in each of the next 2 stitches.
  • “2 sc” means to single crochet twice in the next stitch to create an increase.

Instructions to Crochet a Kitchen Towel

  1. Row 1 – Fsc 55 sts
  2. Row 2 – Turn, sc across.
  3. Row 3 – Turn, *Sc 1, SPsc 1, repeat from * until 1 st remains. sc in last st.
  4. Row 4 – Turn, sc across.
  5. Row 5 – Turn, sc, *Sc 1, SPsc 1, repeat from * until 2 sts remain, sc in last 2 sts.
  6. Rows 5 to 57 – Repeat Rows 2 to 5.
  7. Row 58 – Turn, sc across, do not finish off.
  8. Using a Surface Slip Stitch, begin working counter clockwise around the edge of your crochet kitchen towel placing one stitch in each sc and row end.
  9. When you reach your first Surface Slip Stitch pull your yarn through, thread with a darning needle and finish off by pulling it under the base of the SSS, then weave in your end!

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