Furls Crochet-A-Long

Are you ready for a Furls Crochet-A-Long!? I know I sure am! I have been working on my design for the Aria Poncho for some time now and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with you! This Furls Crochet-A-Long is going to be so much fun, let me tell you how it is going to work!

Furls Crochet-A-Long
Furls Crochet-A-Long

First, make sure you are signed up for my newsletter. I always make sure to send out announcements for everything, be it for when the next part of this CAL is live, for new free patterns and tons of other good stuff!

To start off this CAL all the information you will need to get started is posted on the Furls CAL Page. This first post will tell you a bit about the pattern, me (the designer), sizing, materials, gauge, all that good stuff! So head on over to the Furls CAL Post!

The first part of the pattern is posted for FREE on the Furls CAL Post! I can’t wait to see all the yarns you have chosen, so be sure to share and tag me on social media where ever you follow me! Here are my links!

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The following week, the remainder of the free pattern for the Aria Poncho will be posted on the Furls CAL Page! While I am super excited to get started, I am also super excited to finish because I can’t wait wait to see all of your finished Aria Ponchos!

Once this Furls Crochet-A-Long is complete, don’t worry, the Aria Poncho Pattern will remain for free on the Furls Blog for you to continue to reference! Then, in a few months it will also be published here with my other Free Patterns and the PDF will become available to purchase!

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