Chunky Single Crochet Basket Pattern

How to Make a Crochet Basket

What a better way to store your yarn than in a crochet storage basket! I love making things with my yarn that I can use around my home, like this free chunky single crochet basket pattern! Using this jumbo weight yarn I was able to crochet this sturdy round yarn basket really quick! That’s the beauty of using super bulky yarns like this one, they make fast projects, talk about instant gratification! Keep scrolling to use the free crochet pattern below!

How to make a chunky single crochet basket using this free pattern!

Design Story and Inspiration

I had these beautiful skeins of THN Ginormous Yarn just staring at me but I had no idea what to make with them! I don’t normally work with jumbo yarn, my brain just isn’t wired for it, so creatively I didn’t have many ideas. But as my office space started coming together, I realized that the colors worked perfectly with my color scheme and then it dawned on me that I should made some crochet storage yarn baskets!

I wanted to create a simple free crochet basket using this chunky yarn in single crochet for the pattern! I knew that by using single crochet I could create an easy and sturdy round crochet basket that would look knit! Lately, I have been falling in love with color blocking so you bet I was excited to crochet these storage yarn baskets using two colors! I love paring a neutral with a color and these two color ways were clearly made for each other!

About the Yarn

From THN Life Website “Ginormous yarn is made from 100% wool, and comes in a jumbo weight, perfect for all your oversized projects. Use with The Hook Nook crochet hooks for amazing creations in no time!” I have never worked with a yarn like this before. This a roving yarn and could easily be used for felting! If you wanted to you could felt your finished basket to make it even more sturdy! Just be aware that felting makes the item smaller.

Sometimes 100% wool yarns can be scratchy, but this Ginormous Yarn is a dream! I have worked with wools before that have made my fingers hurt but I loved working with this one. My only issue is that I am just not used to working with Jumbo Yarn so it took my a bit of practice to get used to making the stitches with a jumbo hook and jumbo wool yarn to make my sturdy crochet round basket!

Jumbo Yarn and Hook to make a crochet storage basket!

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Bonus! It almost looks knit!

Don’t you sometimes feel like crochet doesn’t get the credit it deserves? While I have been yearning to knit because I have come across SO many beautiful patterns, I think that crochet is just a beautiful! By working in the round and not turning after each row, this single crochet storage basket has a knit like look to it! Isn’t that just wonderful? Now, when you get a compliment on your “knit” basket, you can say “oh no, THAT is crochet!”


3 Skeins of THN Ginormous Yarn (32.8 yards each)
(2 In the Shadows and 1 Natural State of Mind)
15mm THN Designer Jumbo Crochet Hook

The Hook Nook Jumbo Hooks


While you dot have to worry about this item needing ti “fit” you should be mindful of your gauge. If your gauge is too loose you could end up with a floppy basket. Thats not always a bad thing but if its not full enough it may fall into itself. The gauge for this project is 4.5 sts x 5 rows is 4″ x 4″ sc in the round.

I know that crocheting too tight hurts my hands, but if you want your sturdy crochet round basket more durable try going down a hook size! That will tighten up your stitches to make a stronger material!

Something else that is great about this crochet storage basket is that you can easily use a different yarn and hook to make a different size basket! How cool is that? I would recommend going down a hook size maybe even two sizes that is recommended on the yarn you would like to use for this project! Then just follow the instructions below with your chosen hook and yarn!

Jumbo yarn to make a sturdy crochet round basket!

Stitch Descriptions and Abbreviations

Chain Stitch – ch / Slip Stitch – Sl St / Single Crochet – sc

Pattern Notes

  • One Size – 12″ diameter x 7″ tall
  • * Designates a repeat.  
  • Ch 1 does not count as a stitch.
  • Skill Level : Easy
Knit-like round crochet storage baskets!

Crochet Storage Basket Pattern Begins

Round 1 – Color A
Ch 2, 6 sc into 2nd chain from hook, ch 1. [6 sts]
Round 2 – Color A
2 sc in each st, ch 1,. (12 sts)
Round 3 – Color A
*1 sc, 2 sc in next st, repeat from* to end, ch 1. [18 sts]
Round 4 – Color A
*2 sc, 2 sc in next st, repeat from* to end, ch 1. [24 sts]
Round 5 – Color A
*3 sc, 2 sc in next st, repeat from* to end, ch 1. [30 sts]
Round 6 – Color A
*4 sc, 2 sc in next st, repeat from* to end, ch 1. [36 sts]
Round 7 – Color A
Sc BLO in every stitch around, ch 1. [36]
Round 8 – 10 Color A
Sc in every stitch around, ch 1. [36]
Round 11 –  13 – Color B
Sc in every stitch around, ch 1. [36]

How to make a chunky crochet storage basket!

I hope you loved making this chunky single crochet basket a much as I did! I ended up making two and they are both happily storing… you guessed it, more yarn! If you have been looking to learn how to make a crochet basket I hope this fast crochet project was helpful!

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