Easy Crochet Blanket Throw

Almond Stitch Crochet Blanket

Looking to crochet an easy, simple and fast textured crochet blanket? Look no further and make this free crocheted blanket pattern using the almond ridge stitch! Designed in three sizes, stroller (baby), throw and afghan!

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hand crocheted blanket

What is a good size for a crocheted blanket?

Well, that depends on what or who you are making it for. In this pattern I created three sizes, Stroller or Baby, Throw and Afghan. I made the Afghan size which is 54 by 60 inches and is perfect as an oversized couch blanket. This stitch, yarn and hook size combo creates a super squishy and stretchy material where this blanket actually is quite larger than it seems!

Crochet Afghan

Hand Crochet Blankets are Perfect Gifts!

This is such an easy crochet blanket and would be a perfect gift, imagine this as the first crochet blanket given to a new or soon to be mom? Especially because Vanna’s Choice Yarn has so many color options! Plus you can just pop this yarn in the wash along with anything else and dry it as well! I have a baby blanket in this yarn from over 5 years ago that still looks new!

How to Crochet the Almond Ridge Stitch

The Almond Ridge Stitch is a beautiful textured crochet stitch that is created using a four row repeat and worked in the back loops only. By alternating half double crochet stitches and slip stitches a stunning wave like pattern is made. The addicting of only working in the back loops is what adds the wonderful texture on this stitch. While the right side is technically the side that looks like almond, the wrong side is pretty as well, so I consider this a reversible crochet stitch pattern!

Crochet Almond Ridge Stitch

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  • 8.00 mm Crochet Hook
  • 4 (8, 14) Skeins in Vanna’s Choice
    Sample in Linen [860-099H]
  • #4 Worsted Weight Yarn
    680 (1360, 2380) Yards 


  • 14 sts x 13 rows = 4” x 4” in pattern repeat.
  • Counting the Alpine Stitch is easiest by using the wrong side to count your rows and stitches.
  • Multiple of 2+1

Stitch Descriptions and Abbreviations

  • Chain Stitch – ch
  • Slip Stitch – sl st 
  • Stitch(es) – st(s) 
  • Half Double Crochet – hdc
  • Back Loop Only – blo

Pattern Notes

  • Stroller (Throw, Afghan) – 27×30 (40×50, 54×60) inches
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • * Designates a repeat.
  • After Row 1 all following Rows are worked in the Back Loop Only (blo) to create the ridges.
easy crochet blanket

Free Crocheted Blanket Pattern

Chain 85 (117, 165)
Row 1 – Sl st in 2nd ch from hook, sl st 3, *hdc 4, sl st 4, repeat from * to end. [84 (116, 164) stitches]

  • Note: Use the back bump of your chain for a more finished edge.
  • Note: If you start with 4 sl sts on on a row you will end with 4 sl sts on that row, similarly, if you start with 4 hdc on a row you will also end with 4 hdc on that row.

Row 2 -Ch 1, turn, *sl st 4 in blo, hdc 4 blo, repeat from * until 4 sts remain, sl st 4 in blo.
Row 3 – Ch 1, turn, * hdc 4 blo, sl st 4 in blo, repeat from * until 4 sts remain, hdc 4 in blo.
Row 4 -Ch 1, turn, * hdc 4 blo, sl st 4 in blo, repeat from * until 4 sts remain, hdc 4 in blo.
Row 5 – Ch 1, turn, *sl st 4 in blo, hdc 4 blo, repeat from * until 4 sts remain, sl st 4 in blo.
Row 6 – Ch 1, turn, *sl st 4 in blo, hdc 4 blo, repeat from * until 4 sts remain, sl st 4 in blo.
Row 7 to 72 (120, 144) – Repeat Rows 3 – 6, finish off.

Hand Crocheted Blanket Patterns

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  1. In the purchased pattern the first row indicated “*dc 4”, repeat not “hdc 4 repeat, as indicated in the free pattern. Which is correct? Also, can you use a 6.50 hook and increase the chain for required length?
    Look forward to making this pattern!

    1. It is a hdc throughout, the PDFs should have updated, I’ll check that! I originally swatched with a 6.5 and loved the definition of the stitches BUT to make the blanket as big as I wanted I would have needed much more yarn ? you can definitely use a smaller hook, just use a multiple of 8 + 4 so the pattern works ?

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