Best Free Quick & Easy Cozy Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

Crochet an Infinity Scarf using this Free Pattern! I love a good circle scarf because they also double as a chunky cowl! This crochet knit look stitch is easy to do and uses basic crochet stitches making a beautiful texture! This easy pattern in bulky yarn is made a simple repeat row to create a crocheted infinity scarf that looks wonderful in different colors! This simple pattern is worked in back and forth rows so you can skip the seaming to wear it as a traditional scarf!

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crochet circle scarf

How to Make a Chunky Crochet Infinity Scarf.

This crochet infinity scarf is made using only a foundation chain of double crochet stitches and is perfect for beginner crocheters! However, by alternating the double crochet with front and back posts, these basic stitches create this beautiful woven knit look texture is created! This bulky crochet infinity scarf is just one long rectangle that it is then seamed together on the first and last row, a great beginner project! Wear it long, or wrap it twice to wear as a chunky crochet cowl!

How to Wear an Infinity Scarf.

Why are infinity scarves so great? Well, for one, they can’t fall off! Imagine taking a regular scarf and just attaching the two ends together so it becomes one big circle! Then, once seamed together, you can wrap it and wear it double like a cowl! This is how I prefer to wear infinity scarves because I love chunky crochet cowls! This cozy scarf can be worn in so many different ways and is wonderful for cold weather!

Best Stitch for a Crochet Infinity Scarf

What is the Best Stitch for a Crochet Infinity Scarf?

The best stitch for crochet infinity scarves are ones that do not have a wrong side. Simple stitches like these have a lovely texture on both sides so that when you wrap your crochet infinity scarf it looks nice no matter which side is showing. Crochet projects that don’t have a wrong side like this easy crochet infinity scarf pattern make great gifts!

How Many Chains Do I Need to Crochet an Infinity Scarf?

The number of chains needed to crochet an infinity scarf depends on if you are working your infinity scarf in the round or in rows to be seamed. The hook size and yarn weight will also affect the number of chain stitches needed for your crochet project.

To make a basic infinity scarf you are going to want the length or circumference long enough to be able to wrap around your neck twice. If you are not using a stitch pattern where your multriple matters like single crochet or double crochet stitches you can work one long chain and test that it can wrap twice. You may also work a shorter chain and create back and forth rows until you have a panel long enough to seam together that will wrap twice. 

Made with Lion Brand Yarn Hue + Me

This Easy Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern is made with Hue + Me from Lion brand and is a CYC 5 Bulky weight that’s is a 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool blend. However, this free crochet pattern could easily be made with another chunky yarn of any other fiber such as acrylic yarn. You could even double up strands of worsted weight yarn and this beautiful pattern becomes a great way to do some stash busting!

crochet chunky cowl



  • 12 sts x 6 rows in pattern repeat is 4” x 4”.

Stitch Descriptions and Abbreviations

  • Chain Stitch – ch  
  • Stitch(es) – st(s)
  • Half Double Crochet – hdc
  • Foundation Double Crochet – Fdc – Chain 4, yarn over, insert hook into 4th chain from the hook, yarn over and pull up loop (3 loops on hook, yarn over and pull through 1 loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over, pull through all loops (1 foundation double crochet with chain at bottom created). *Yarn over, insert hook to bottom of the stitch you just made, it will look like the top or “V” of a stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through 1 loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through 2 loops (2 loops on hook), yarn over pull though all loops, repeat from * to desired st count.
  • Stacked Single Crochet StitchSTSC – insert your hook into the designated stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through both loops, insert your hook into the second vertical bar on the stitch you just created, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull though all loops.
  • Front Post Double Crochet– FPdc – work a dc as you normally would but insert your hook from front to back to front around post of indicated st.
  • Back Post Double Crochet – BPdc – work a dc as you normally would but insert your hook from back to front to back around post of indicated st.

Pattern Notes

  • One Size: 9” Wide by 70” long before seaming.
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • * Designates a repeat. 
  • Row 2 begins the front and back posts and is repeated through the pattern. When working each row repeat after Row 2, the front and back post stitches are created on each other, making the fabric look and feel woven. 
Crochet Infinity Scarf Free Pattern

Crochet Infinity Scarf Free Pattern

Row 1 – Fdc 25.
Row 2 – Turn, STSC in first st, *FPdc in next st, BP dc in next st, repeat from * until 2 sts remain, FPdc, hdc in last st.
Rows 3 to 124 – Repeat Row 2, finish off on Row 124 leaving a long tail.


  1. Thread your tail with a darning need and without twisting your work, seam Row 1 to Row 124.
  2. Weave in you ends and if your infinity scarf feels stiff steam it a bit or pop it in the dryer for a few minutes!

More Easy Crochet Scarves

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