The Winnie Hooded Vest – Crochet Pattern


The Winnie Hooded Vest was really something! I am floored by how many of you have made your Winnie’s and love it! Seriously, best compliment ever!

As you know, The Winnie Hooded Vest was released as a limited time free pattern with the options to purchase the PDF at a discount! You can still get your PDF on Etsy and Ravelry. As promised, The Winnie would be replaced by another free pattern! Currently, The Madeline Sweater is the new FREE pattern! Also available is the PDF pattern at a discount for The Madeline!

The Madeline Sweater has a few more construction elements to it than The Winnie, but again still a beginner friendly pattern if you are confident in your abilities. As always, feel free to email, comment or message me any questions s you have on my patterns! I’m always willing to help!

I hope you enjoyed making The Winnie and I hope you enjoy making The Madeline just as much, maybe more!

Grab your PDF copies on Etsy and Ravelry!

Best, Brianna

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