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Oversized Crochet Sweater Pattern

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Crochet Sweater Pattern

Ellie Sweater Free Crochet Pattern

Are you ready to make an oversized pullover crochet sweater for beginners? Ellie is a flowy, oversized and cozy crochet sweater perfect for beginners! Bonus, it is a fast crochet sweater that you can make in a weekend! I promise this is an easy crochet project, plus it is a free crochet sweater pattern, so you can’t go wrong! It will hang wonderfully on any frame and can easily be adjusted! Using THN Small Stuff, an amazing DK weight yarn, and simple half double crochet stitches you can really get into the zone with this modern free crochet sweater pattern! Keep scrolling for the free pattern below!

Oversized Crochet Sweater Pattern

Design Story and Inspiration for this Free Crochet Pattern!

Some days life is hard and the last thing you want to think about is putting together an outfit. Especially after a night of being up with little ones, right? When the weather is chilly I have a hard enough time getting out of the house, forget about getting dressed! That is why I love designing easy crochet sweater patterns, they are just so cozy! 

I designed this free crochet pullover sweater pattern with the struggles of every day life in mind! For me, sometimes I just want to throw on something cozy but I know I don’t want to look frumpy.  This easy oversized crochet sweater was my answer! It’s cute, it’s fun and it looks great with jeans or leggings and a pair of sneakers! This is the perfect fall crochet sweater, keep scrolling to get started with the free pattern!

Design Concept for a Pullover Crochet Sweater.

Surely, this pullover crochet sweater for beginners is going to become one of your favorite handmade garments because it is so versatile! Personally, I love crochet sweater patterns that aren’t season specific, I love layers! 

Maybe you are looking for something a bit different? Check out my Beverly Cardigan another easy crochet sweater for beginners or the Holly Cardigan with pockets! 


Size 5.00 mm crochet hook
#3 DK Wt. Yarn –  The Hook Nook Small Stuff
6 (7, 7, 7) skeins or 1638 (1768, 1898, 1911) yds

Did you know that you can get yarn bundles on The Hook Nook Life website? Now, you can grab a bundle for the Ellie Sweater and lots of other crochet sweater patterns!

About the Yarn

From THN Life website, “The Hook Nook yarn is simply the perfect yarn for any project. It’s soft, colorful, and so versatile! Small Stuff yarn is made from 100% acrylic material, and comes in a DK weight (3-light). Available in a wide variety of vibrant colors to fit your style.” I love that this yarn is so soft! It has multiple strands that really make your final piece have a ton of drape which is great for crochet sweater patterns! This is a yarn I can’t wait to do more designs with!

Making a crochet sweater.


Please be mindful of your gauge which is 12 sts x 9 rows in hdc is 4” x 4”. No one likes to spend their time creating a beautiful new item for their handmade crochet wardrobe and then have it not fit properly! This crochet sweater pattern is oversized so don’t worry if you are a little off, but try to be close!

Stitch Descriptions and Abbreviations

  • Chain Stitch – ch / Slip Stitch – Sl St / Single Crochet – sc / Half Double Crochet – hdc / Stitch(es) – st(s)
  • Foundation Half Double Crochet – Fhdc – Chain 3, yarn over, insert hook into 3rd chain from hook, yarn over and pull up loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through 1 loop on hook (3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all loops, (1 foundation double crochet with chain at bottom) *Yarn over, insert hook to bottom of the stitch you just made. It will look like the top or “V” of a stitch. Yarn over and pull up loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over, pull through 1 loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all loops.
  • Foundation Single Crochet – Fsc – Chain 2, insert hook into 2nd chain from hook, yarn over and pull up a loop (2 loops on hook) yarn over, draw through 1 loop, (2 loops on hook with 1 ch created), yarn over, draw through all loops (1 loop on hook, 1 foundation single crochet with chain at the bottom) *Insert hook to the bottom of the stitch you just made, it will look like the top or “V” of a stitch, yarn over, pull up 1 loop (2 loops on hook), yarn over, draw through 1 loop (2 loops on hook with 1 ch created), yarn over, draw through all loops repeat from * to * for desired amount of stitches.
  • Back Loops Only – BLO – When working the stitch, use only the back loop of the top of the stitch.

Pattern Notes

  • XS/S (M/L, XL/2X, 3X/4X) – Use corresponding number for your size.
  • * Designates a repeat.
  • Ch 2 does not count as a stitch.
  • Ch 1 does not count as a stitch.
Cuff to Cuff53”57”60”62”
Cuff Length – each5”5”5”5”
Back -Waist17”17.5”18”18.5”
Body Width43”47”50”52”
Sizing Chart

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Fast Crochet Sweater

Create the Back Panel for this Oversized Crochet Sweater

Row 1
Fhdc 130 (140, 150, 156) stitches, ch 2, turn.
Row 2
Hdc across ch 2, turn.
Rows 3 – 48 (50, 52, 54)
Repeat Row 2, finish off

Create the Front Panel for this Fast Crochet Sweater

Row 1
Fhdc 130 (140, 150, 156) stitches, ch 2, turn.
Row 2
Hdc across ch 2, turn.
Rows 3 – 38 (40, 42, 44)
Repeat Row 2.
Row 39 (41, 43, 45)
Hdc 64 (69, 74, 77) sts, sc in next 2 sts, hdc in remaining sts, ch 2, turn.
Row 40 (42, 44, 46)
Hdc 62 (67, 72, 75) sts, sc in next 6 sts, hdc in remaining sts, ch 2, turn.
Row 41 (43, 45, 47)
Hdc 61 (66, 71, 74) sts, sc in next 8 sts, hdc in remaining sts, ch 2, turn.
Row 42 (44, 46, 48)
Hdc 59 (64, 69, 72) sts, sc in next 12 sts, hdc in remaining sts, ch 2, turn.
Row 43 (45, 47, 49)
Hdc 58 (63, 68, 71) sts, sc in next 14 sts, hdc in remaining sts, ch 2, turn.
Row 44 (46, 48, 50)
Hdc 56 (61, 66, 69) sts, sc in next 18 sts, hdc in remaining sts, ch 2, turn.
Row 45 (47, 49, 51)
Hdc 55 (60, 65, 68) sts, sc in next 20 sts, hdc in remaining sts, ch 2, turn.
Row 46 (48, 50, 52)
Hdc 53 (58, 63, 66) sts, sc in next 24 sts, hdc in remaining sts, ch 2, turn.
Row 47 (49, 51, 53)
Hdc 52 (57, 62, 65) sts, sc in next 26 sts, hdc in remaining sts, ch 2, turn.
Row 48 (50, 52, 54)
Hdc 50 (55, 60, 63) sts, sc in next 30 sts, hdc in remaining sts, ch 2, turn.

crochet sweater for beginners

Assembly of a Crochet Sweater for Beginners

  1. Lay your front panels on your back panels making sure the rows are going in the same direction with rows running horizontally.
  2. NOTE: You will be seaming along the the last row you completed on each panel. This will put the sc section of the front panel at the top  to create a crew neck.
  3. Starting from the farthest corners on each side (to create the shoulder seams), seam in 50 (55, 60, 63) sts using a mattress stitch. Make sure to align your stitches, finish off and weave in your ends.

Neck Trim – optional

Sc in each stitch around the neck, sl st to the beginning and weave in your end.

Cuffs for your Crochet Sweater – Make 2

Row 1
Fsc 25 sts.
Row 2
Ch 1, turn, sc in first st, sc in BLO in next 23 sts, sc in last st.
Row 3- 30
Repeat Row 2, fold in half and sl st your last row to your first row, finish off.

Final Assembly

  1. With your right sides still facing, start 11 rows down from the seam you already created, reattach your yarn leaving a 5” wide opening and seam down to the bottom hem of your sweater. Be mindful of your rows, keeping them aligned.
  2. Repeat on the other side, weave in your ends.
  3. Now, take a cuff and attach it at the opening you just created. Make sure to stretch out the cuff so that’s it is evenly aligned with the opening.
    Be sure to seam loosely so that you I don’t create any pinching.
  4. Repeat on the other side. Finish off and weave in your ends.

Thank You!

I hope you loved making this oversized crochet sweater pullover pattern as much as I did!  Be sure to share on social media and tag me on Instagram @life.and.yarn or Facebook as Life and Yarn Designs! So go and enjoy your new Ellie Sweater, a crochet sweater for beginners!

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