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Pattern Tester Application.


Have you ever tested a crochet pattern before?

Do you want to?

Well, I have really developed a love for pattern design and writing, so there are a lot of designs in the works! I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a math geek and I love patterns and repetition so designing crochet patterns has become my new love.

I am always looking for more testers! Please fill out the application below and I will be sure to review it! When a test is available, that I believe you will be a good fit for, I will reach out!

To be a pattern tester you are expected to :

-Be able to swatch and test for gauge.

-Get notes back by specified deadline.

-Check math and confirm stitch counts.

-Give meaningful notes.

-Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

-QUALITY photos. I cannot stress this enough. Natural light, flat lays, and on a person.

-Be willing to share and promote patterns.

-Understand when a pattern is “secret” it must not be shared until a specified date.

If you understand and agree, please continue below to fill out the application!

Thank You!



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