Here on the Life and Yarn Blog my mission is to inspire others to chase their dreams and take chances. Live life fully.

I love to create and I love to see others create. There’s something truly special about making something with your own hands. How amazing it is to make an item and be able to say, “yeah, I made that.” I believe there is so much more value in handmade, and not necessarily in a monetary way, but because so much emotion can go into a creation.

Think about it, when you create something, you want to, right? It brings you joy and a sense of accomplishment. To finish that project, maybe there were some tears or self-doubt, but you did it and it’s all in that amazing item you made. It’s priceless.

So I want to share with you my creations and also just every day stories because I am a real person, flaws and all. That’s kind of the point, I’m just a regular girl chasing a dream and I want to inspire you and encourage you to do the same.