Ahhh the about page. This is probably what made me so hesitant about even starting a blog. In my mind a blog is a place to share what you are most compassionate about…what you love…you in the raw. I am such a private person, not one to share what I am feeling freely, except with those closest to me and even sometimes that is a challenge.

BUT…. I think I’ll just jump in.

My name is Brianna. I’m married and I have a handsome little man. I am a total “type a” personality, but not at the same time… if that makes any sense. I love anything creative. Drawing, painting, sculpting, carving, jewelry, anything, but I especially love crochet. At a very young age I was taught to knit by my Oma and crochet by my Grandma. Crochet is what stuck. I picked a crochet hook back up when I started college. Years went by and all I did was single crochet, I learned how to make a granny square. Basic. Fast forward years later, my husband and I found out we were going to have a baby! Aha! #CrochetAddict. I started making a baby blanket for my little poppy seed. I began teaching myself how to make amigurumi, I successfully made a fish and a Rottweiler. I’m now obsessed with learning new stitches, and working on patterns. Plus, I can crochet while I sit quietly with my little man nursing. Best combination ever!

Starting a blog crossed my mind while I was pregnant because I wanted to share my experiences with others. Odd for me. I suddenly felt like I had entered this new chapter in my life that was so important for me to document. Scared of sharing all of those emotions I instead scribbled them all down in a sketch book. I think I’m planning on writing those up and putting them here. I think.

I hope you enjoy reading and much as I love sharing all of life’s wonderful experiences one stitch at a time. Stay tuned for posts on life in general and my crochet journey.

Best,  Brianna.        

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