I am so happy you have found my Blog, Life and Yarn! I started my blog in late 2016 after I had my little guy. Life and Yarn is designed to be just that, a place for me to share about Life, specifically motherhood and my love of all things yarn!

When I started Life and Yarn originally I did not have a plan for it. I knew I loved to crochet, I had a desire to knit and I wanted to make all things cozy for my little guy. I wanted to pour so much love into a handmade items just for him. I hope that they will be passed down to his babies one day.

I didn’t realize there was a whole world of fiber lovers out there with so much passion for these crafts and I was blown away. I was so excited to share this with community! As I became more confident in my crochet abilities and inspired by what others were doing I began to challenge myself beyond just baby blankets.

Fast forward to to where Life and Yarn is today and you will see that I have begun my journey into garment design! I love to create fun, classic yet modern garments for all ages and styles. I have fallen head over heels with crochet fashion and I am floored by the positive responses I have received!

Although I am just beginning to build the Life and Yarn Blog I plan to have infinite free patterns, projects and parenting posts! So take a look around at some of my posts and be sure to sign up for my newsletter!

Best, Brianna