Agnes. It may not be the most beautiful name to some, but to me it’s something special. It is beautiful.

I purchased a floral printed mannequin to display my crochet pieces on since I was really beginning to take an interest in wearables. This mannequin stuck out to me because of its distinct floral print. It reminded me of my grandma, Shirley.

Growing up she had what she called the Rose Room. The spare bedroom at the end of the hall that was also once my mothers’ room. Rose wall paper, rose bed sheets, rose everything, but yet so delicate and so classy. I loved it. So anything rose related reminds me of her. Really anything with flowers, she loved flowers.

I’ve noticed that I’m so strongly drawn to items of the such, and lately I’ve just gone with it. My poly mailers are rose printed. Fabric I’ve purchased for projects is floral, and now my mannequin, Agnes. I distinctly remember having a conversation with her about her middle name, Agnes. She hated her middle name and thought it was “terribly ugly”, but there is nothing that I associate with my grandma other then beauty, style and class.

The response to asking for help naming my mannequin has been amazing. So many of you have such special names for your own. They have a story. Or your suggestions were so heartfelt that it only seemed fitting that I do the same.

So I introduce to you Agnes, she is beautiful, classy and stylish just like Shirley, my grandma.


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