So I am part of a few Facebook groups involving parenting and crochet. My biggest interests. On the parenting side, I see so many posts about doubt coming from soon to be moms, new moms, and super experienced moms.

I was one of those moms.

Doubtful. Worried if what I was doing was “right”. Taking EVERYONES criticism to heart. Letting every single opinion affect me and second guessing my choices. Doubting MY instincts.

Well let me tell you mama, sweetheart, you were made for this. You were made to be a mama, it’s ingrained in YOU.

Don’t doubt your choices.

I was terrified to get pregnant. There, I said it. Terrified because my mom had a traumatic birth experience with me resulting in an emergency c-section. I always thought I was destined to have a c-section no matter what, that my body wasn’t designed to do it. I thought this before I really started to research pregnancy, labor and birth.

Once my husband and I decided we were ready and I was prepared to deal with my fears I started researching. I was terrified because I hate needles. I hate blood. I hate hospitals. I’m super sensitive to medicine, as in I can’t even take children’s Benadryl with out feeling woosy. All things, I thought, would absolutely need to be involved in my destined birth experience.

I started to research. The more I read and the more I talked to my mom about her experience the more I started to realize that there were SO many things about her labor that are known to trigger more and more interventions that snowball to a cesarean. I started to gain a little confidence in myself. A little. Maybe there was a slight chance I could birth a baby naturally.

Already not being a fan of medications and becoming super aware of what’s in the foods we eat and the products we use I started to look at a totally natural birth. No medication, no interventions, just me.

I began to come across so many positive and uplifting birth stories. I was starting to TRUST in my body. My FAITH was beginning to tell me I was made for this. My body wouldn’t make a baby I couldn’t birth! No matter what you believe in, I am confident enough to say we were created perfectly. Our bodies as women are AMAZING, we make LIFE! You have to trust and believe in yourself that you were absolutely made for it.

I will also say that I am not naive enough to think that a medical intervention is never necessary. We are BLESSED as a society that we have options now that can save lives that maybe would have been lost.

So sweetheart, you were made for this. I did it, all my doubt and fear, I did it. I successfully had the natural and completely unmedicated birth I desired in a hospital. No medication, no IV, nothing. Trust in your body. Have faith. You most certainly can do it!

I have been working on Jack’s birth story. I hope to have it published soon. It’s crazy to think that day was almost 2 years ago when it seems like yesterday!

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