New Baby Nostalgia 

So a friend of ours just had their first baby. Like I just sent a congratulatory text, and started blogging kind of “just”. Knowing that they have begun to enjoy those first few moments with their beautiful little bundle just sent me back to those first moments and how special they were.

Maybe it’s because my little guy is going to be one on Sunday. Maybe it’s the itch I’ve been having for another. Maybe it’s just how you feel when you know how amazing the moments they are having right now are. 

Like looking at his little fingers and toes for the first time. The first time he wrapped his tiny hand around one of my fingers. The first nuzzles into your chest and sleeping there so peacefully. Seeing his dad hold him for the first time. 

It’s a feeling I can’t really explain but I am just yearning for that moment again. I guess it is the baby itch and how amazing every single moment with my apple seed has been. 

Any one else feel this way when you hear of a new baby? 



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Crochet Scrap Yarn Blanket

So I started a blanket…hmmm…almost a year ago? It’s a scrap yarn blanket. I actually have a bunch of projects going, for real and in my head, with scrap yarn. I made a few baskets, I have a baby blanket/playmat in the works, and also a BIG blanket. The one I’ve been working on for a year or so. 

I am using a N/15 10.00mm hook and either 3/4 strands of worsted weight yarn or 1 strand of bulky weight yarn. 

I am doing a combination of single crochet (SC), half double crochet (HDC), and double crochet (DC) all in back loops only (BLO) to give it a TON of texture and some stretch. It’s wide enough to go across a king size bed, but not really hang over but I only have about 2′ worth of rows worked up. It’s slow going, since I pick it up when I need a “this isn’t a perfect project” project. 

Isn’t it beautiful so far? I just love all the colors, and it’s amazing how just randomly grabbing colors is actually fitting together so nicely! 

What scrap projects are you working on?
Best, Brianna

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A Pattern in the Works…

Have I told you before how much I LOVE pattern writing? I’m such a geek for organization, directions, and process.

So one project I’ve been wanting to tackle is a bag. I’ve never made one before, but I’ve seen some that are adorable, but not exactly what I was looking for. So after a whole bunch of designing in my head and looking at stitches I think I finally know how I want to make it. So that’s what I’m doing!

This was the very beginning of said bag…..

….and it grew…..just not how I intended it to. It wasn’t shaping up the way I saw it in my head. Literally. So now……

…..since I LOVE this blue yarn so much (Caron Simply Soft in Light Country Blue)

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 I started my bag idea over in the same yarn, different color (Forest Floor). I’m working through each row and round trying to tweak my pattern so it does what I want it to do. I’m being a little OCD with this one. BUT it’s working! I’ll take more progress pictures once I’m a bit farther along so you can see the difference!

Don’t worry, I’ll post here when the pattern is available!

Best,                                                            Brianna

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Crochet Cacti? Yes, please!

So I HAD a green thumb. Had. I loveeee to garden, I just love plants. I had a knack for it, and it was amazing.

However, with Jack, I just don’t have time, or the capability to remember to water, trim and just care for all of my plants. I try my hardest to keep my 5+ orchids alive that I have had for YEARS. But I’m struggling.

So, I do have a crochet obsession and every spare moment I have I try to pick up a hook if I’m not working, doing laundry or picking fig newtons out of my carpet. Yes, I know, I could  tend to the plants instead of crochet, but hey, crochet keeps me sane. So the solution to the death of my green thumb? Plants I can’t kill!!!

Look! My first crochet cactus! I’m in love, totally obsessed and this will be my new go to quick project!

Plus I have a ton of scrap yarn, and these are great little creations perfect for that yarn that just won’t go far enough for a bigger project!

Don’t you just love them?!?!

I’m going to start working up a few more and all add my progress/process here! I’ll also be working up some patterns for my favorites!!!

Best, Brianna.

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My Newest Design 

I am totally in love with how this project came out! It’s very rare to have something come so close to exactly how you imagined it! My intention was for this to be more of a long shirt, but it’s a bit more of a sweater dress. But you know what? I LOVE it even more that way! I’ll be working up a pattern for this beauty and I’ll be sure to post as soon as it’s available!


The patter is just about done!!! I have Testers testing for Testers, does that make sense?! Stay tuned for the final pattern!

Best, Brianna. 
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A New Respect for Patterns

Updated 3.29.2017.

So I have been working really hard on a pattern for one of my baby blankets I was talking about in one of my other posts. Well, let me tell you, I have a whole new respect for patterns and especially their writers. The amount of time and effort that goes into documenting and trying to put on paper the process that is in your head is mind blowing!

I started this blanket about 6 months ago. It definitely took me way longer to make then normal since I started it with the intention of creating a pattern. From writing down exactly how I was creating the pieces, to taking different pictures at different stages, and then keeping everything organized to sit down and put it all together with a deadline! It absolutely had to be done by the baby shower! So it was a must to have it completed and ready to gift AND take final photos! PHEW! “What a preformance!” As my grandma, Shirley, would say, God do I miss her.

You know what? I loved absolutely every second of it. I LOVE how the blanket finished up, and I am super excited to be able to share it so SOON! It’s all written and laid out with TONS of pictures and tips for along the way. I’m just proof reading again for the bazillionth time!

Since I loved working on this patten so much I will definitely be working on more. Hint, hint.

Check out my Instagram @life.and.yarn for pictures of the blanket, my next pattern in progress, and every other project I have going!

UPDATE : Here is the link to the pattern!

OR if you would like to place an order for one here is the “Made to Order” listing :

I’d also like to give a big thanks to all of my testers! So many have finished up and made beautiful blankets and I can’t wait to see the rest as more pictures come in!

Best, Brianna.
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My First Listing

I did it. I listed my first item on Etsy. A beautiful shell stitch crochet blanket. This purple baby blanket was the first one in this stitch that I felt was worthy of becoming a listing.  I tried this stitch a few times, and with some trial and error finally figured it out. Now, I haven’t been able to find the pattern for this stitch in many places and mostly worked off of photos. It has definitely become a favorite stitch so I think I’m going to start working on my own pattern for this one with lots of pictures and tips.

Take a peak here!

Edit: I am redoing some photos so this listing is currently inactive!

Best, Brianna.

So many BABIES!

Have you ever heard the saying that things come in 3’s? Well if that’s the case then there should be a 6th baby brewing that I don’t know about!

I had Jack in June of 2016, my aunt just had her little boy at the end of October and my sister is due January 2017!!! So that’s the 3. BUT in the past few weeks I have been told about 2 more new babies on the way. So if the rule of 3’s holds then there must be a third baby brewing! 

So, since having Jack, I’ve made it my personal goal to make every new mama a crochet baby blanket! I made Jack a beautiful, HUGE, baby blanket. I didn’t realize the average size of a baby blanket until I started receiving them as gifts! So Jack’s baby blanket will be usable well into his early years! 

I had to rush to finish the blanket I was making for my aunt because her little angel made an early entry into the world. A whole 6, yes SIX, weeks early! My aunt never finds out what she’s having, and wouldn’t you know it? Baby number 4 was her 4th boy!!! I tried to make her blanket as gender neutral as possible, but in the back of my mind I must have known it was a boy since it is a bit more masculine! There were a few pastels, but mostly more rich deep colors and lots of greens. I backed it with a beautiful green turtle printed flannel. The flannel was sewn on using yarn, which I think gave it such a fun and cozy look!

I am currently finishing the backing for my sisters blanket! I’m so excited for it to be finished and for her to see it completed. She’s seen the blanket already, we are with each other nearly every day so it’s fairly difficult to keep something hidden, haha. BUT I’m trying to keep the finished blanket a secret! 

Now one of the new babies is also going to be a surprise! Another gender neutral blanket! This is the first one that I am working on from the start since launching my blog! So what I will be doing for this one is documenting the whole process and writing a pattern!!! So exciting! Sneak peak below of two of the colors and the type of square I’m using!

Our friends found out they will be having a girl!!! So I finally get to make a blanket for a little princess! Now, I don’t feel like they are super girly people, so I found this great cotton yarn called “Peaches and Cream”. I decided to use this for their bundle of joy and try out the corner to corner method. *it may be my new favorite stitch!*

What do you think!?

Best, Brianna. 

Yarn addiction is REAL! 


Ughhhhhh….yet another craft store coupon in the mail. You know when you spend X they send you a coupon for $10 off your next purchase regular and sale? It’s like they must say to themselves “Hey, she spends an obscene amount on X (…yarn…) so let’s send her coupon so she comes back.” They know you’re going to spend so much more than the $10 AND forget about it if there happens to be a sale that week.

I can’t even tell you how many times I have told myself “No, Brianna, you do NOT need more yarn” but then I say “ohhh but the couponnnn, I’ll only spend the $10 coupon.” HA! Good one, $50 later.

This whole scenario happens on a regular basis, but the problem is that the yarn stash is really starting to get out of control and I’m not making fast enough to keep up with my stockpile of yarn! Add in that I just started going through all of my Oma’s yarn and adding that to the stash! SO MUCH YARN but I LOVE IT!

Anyhow, the biggest dilemma is storing all this yarn. So what I decided to do was make baskets from all of this random yarn to store more random yarn! Great idea right!? So I have finished one and it came out decent. It looks like a basket, but it’s a bit lumpy. 

So now, I am currently working on a second basket that I changed up the pattern on a bit to try to work out some of the kinks. I’m sure I’ll be making baskets like crazy now because I am obsessed with storage and what’s better then making your own!? I’ll be sharing a pattern once I get mine figured out so that the basket is formed better!

Here is the second one I am working on. You can see that the sides definitely look more straight!  

***UPDATE 12.28.2016*** My Oma’s yarn stash was actually much larger then I had originally thought. Say, I don’t know, FIVE huge containers larger. I’m talking the big ones that you can fit in. Needless to say, I will not be making baskets to store it all. BUT I do have a really fun project I want to try with the scraps! 

If you would like to see more pics as I go you can follow me on Instagram @life.and.yarn ! But don’t worry I will be adding more here too!!!

Best, Brianna. 

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Breastfeeding Joy

A moment in time I cherish. 

I knew when I found out I was pregnant that I wanted to try to breastfeed and I didn’t have a clue about it. Myself and my siblings were formula babies and not many people around me breastfed, so it was a bit foreign to me. I did a TON of research when I was pregnant to try to prepare. The more I read, the more determined I was to feed my baby the way nature intended. Admittedly, I was worried about potential challenges since I had come across other mother’s experiences that were not positive. However, I wanted to give it my best shot and told myself no matter the outcome baby and I would be happy, and of course, fed! I worried about everyone’s opinions, and was frustrated with being told how things would or wouldn’t happen. 

Then the day came that I had my little baby boy, and oh how amazing that experience was! Jack began nursing right away, I remember the nurse putting him in my arms and he just knew what to do. So much of that day was just a blur, but instincts are amazing. 

It’s crazy how you think they are not getting much, but they are! Colostrum is amazing! All of the research that I did and I was still in awe while experiencing everything first hand. Surprisingly, me being the private person that I am had no issue whatsoever with the lactation consultant grabbing my breasts and showing me exactly how to get him to latch properly. No problem having her show me how to express milk. I find it a bit sad that this thought made me uncomfortable before it actually happened. Our culture has sexualized the female body so much that as a new mother initally this kind of exposure made me severely uncomfortable. It’s really crazy how labor and delivery makes a woman have no shame!

At almost 5 months I am proud to say that I am still exclusively breastfeeding. Never has Jack had a bottle. I haven’t even attempted to pump any milk for storage. Now, let me be clear, getting here was not easy. Did Jack do his part right away? Yes. Was it easy for me? No. He had a fantastic latch from the get go, but sometimes an over-eager hungry baby can do some damage! The lactation consultant had shown me how to take him off properly in case of a bad latch. Did I always do that? No. Sometimes it was so hard to disturb him, he would look so peaceful. 

The first few weeks were painful. If I remember correctly I think around 6 weeks was when just about every nursing session became enjoyable. However, up until then everything wasn’t rainbows and unicorns. I was cracked and scabbed and taking a shower was painful and pure bliss at the same time. Engorgement was no joke. You hear a lot about woman having a low supply. Not me, I was over producing. Poor Jack just wanted to eat peacefully but I was practically drowning him. Again, I think it was around 6 weeks where I had regulated enough where I wasn’t spraying everywhere. Although now it can still be an issue. 

To any new breastfeeding mama out there, stick with it! It can be tough and scary and frustrating, but you can do it! BUT sometimes things don’t happen the way you intend them to, so don’t beat yourself up either!

Best, Brianna. 

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