Have you ever just touched a yarn and knew that you immediately loved it? Just knew that it would be a joy to work with and that it was going to be your new go to yarn? I have had TWO of these recently, but today I’m writing about Luna.

Luna is from Premier Yarns and was generously sent to me along with a few others to try. Now, when browsing the Premier website I saw Luna and was instantly in love! The color-ways are eye catching and I was super excited that it was a DK weight yarn! DK is just so amazing for any project but specifically spring and summer! Luna wasn’t a yarn that I had seen yet in my local craft store so you better believe that I literally squealed when it showed up in my package!

Anyways, let’s get into the good stuff. So Luna is a #3 light weight or DK yarn. Each ball is 275 yards/3.5 ounces. Luna is one of the softest, 100% acrylic, non-pilling yarns I have come across. The colors are just beautiful! Each Luna yarn has four colors that create small and large stripes for the prettiest repeats! Some Luna’s have more drastic color changes, like Saturn and others are more subtle, like Hyperion. Then there is Uranus which is that happy medium of drastic and subtle!

These two are both Saturn, but the point at which they were wound was different. This combination of magenta, a teal-ish green, golden yellow and a speckled lavender/pink is just stunning! Don’t you just love the colors in this one?

This one is Hyperion, subtle greens that are similar yet different enough to create just the slightest contrast! I am SO exited to work with this one! I already have a design in my head!

Then there is Uranus. I love anything gray and blue so you better believe that I will hoard these two beauties until the prefect design pops into my head! This is honestly the best blue and gray combination I have seen in a striping yarn. I don’t think I could have come up with a better combo for myself than this! It’s absolutely stunning!

What’s Next….

I have already started a project using Luna in Saturn. Maybe this sounds crazy, but I feel like this yarn is doing all the work for me. This project is working up better than I could have imagined and the stitches look amazing. I mean really, just look at that stitch definition!

Luna literally glides right on and off of your hook. Now, I have worked with some yarns that kind of stick and some that I just can’t seem to keep a hold of. When I come across a yarn like this, it’s hard to try out something else! This is one of those yarns that you will definitely be happy using over and over again! It makes my heart SO happy that there are so many fantastic color options that it will be hard to become bored of Luna!

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