The Winnie Story

Chances are you found my blog because of The Winnie Hooded Vest. Winnie has really been something else, I mean really it’s been a humbling experience. I loved her while she was in the beginning stages but never did I think that so many others would love her just as much! Keep reading to find a special thank you!

If you clicked through my blog before you found this post, then you probably already know that this is my cozy spot on the internet to share about my life and my yarn obsession. I love fiber and I love creating special pieces with it. I believe that each piece is special and an extension of myself. I also believe that each piece has it’s own personality in a way. This is why I put a serious amount of thought into naming each piece I create. If you haven’t read The Stacy Story you totally should!

Enter Winnie…

The Winnie was my first real attempt at a garment that I intended to write a pattern for and have multiple sizes available! Until this point any garments had been made for a specific person and as a one of a kind piece. With Winnie, I was finally ready to make something available to everyone! I have had requests to add more sizes, and I’ll tell you now, I am working on it!

With Winnie I learned a lot. I had 2 or more testers for each size as I wanted to be absolutely sure that the sizing was correct. This was definitely the right choice. However, I was a bit lax on how I wanted to receive my notes back from testers! Up until this point, I had only used a handful of testers at once so having notes sent in multiple formats from different areas of the internet was fine. Not so much with Winnie. For Madeline, final notes were strictly email only!

My intention for Winnie was to be a fun, easy, beginner piece that someone who has never made a garment could be confident in making! I think I achieved that and I am beyond thrilled to get messages from first-time garment makers about the excitement of making their first piece! I’m even more amazed that some are making a SECOND Winnie! Really!? Totally floored!

When I came up with this design, I loved the light airy fabric that this stitch pattern created and the over sized hood was a huge bonus! I’m a huge fan of Hocus Pocus and I totally loved that the hood reminded me of the Sanderson Sisters which is where Winnie came from after Winifred! Yes, I know I added an ‘n’ in Winnie, I like double letters!

The Winnie Hooded Vest is the perfect any season vest! Winnie can be made from cotton to be the ultimate beach cover up! I don’t know about you but my fair skin can really take a beating. Having something light and airy to throw on at the end of a beach day that covers my shoulders and a big hood to protect my forehead? PERFECT! Or a Winnie made from acrylic, super durable, and tons of color options is always a plus. Again, great for summer, but also for a crisp spring or fall day over light long sleeves to take a walk! But of course don’t forget winter! I’m always cold so I like to bundle up, but going in and out of different places is always a hassle. I’m too cold outside but too hot inside. A wool Winnie is the answer! She’s the perfect layering piece! Throw her over a thermal or light sweater and then put on a jacket? Bam, toasty outside, cozy in!

The Winnie Hooded Vest was initially released as a free pattern with the option to purchase a PDF at discount. Winnie has now become one of my full priced patterns, but since you read this far enjoy 25% off¬† using the code THANKYOU on Etsy and Ravelry to grab your PDF copy! The PDF includes a stitch and sizing chart to help you make a more custom size if you desire! It’s also has a stitch diagram if you are a more visual learner and a few photos at the end for stitch placement clarity! My patterns are laid out in an easy to read format with lots of room to make notes!!!

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Thanks for reading!

Best, Brianna


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