I WON something!!!

I was tagged on Instagram for a contest. You know the, like, share and tag for an entry type thing? Every once in a blue I enter as well, but I feel like it pointless because who do you know that ever actually wins?

I WON! Seriously! Can you believe that!? Super exciting too because I've been wanting to order some items but I'm trying to be fiscally responsible, sigh…..

So anyways this was a contest run by Miki of @sfmgs on Instagram with Wool and the Gang @woolandthegang I won the COPACABANA ESPADRILLES KIT and I chose nautical navy.

Don't you just love that color!?

Anyhow, the package is sitting on my dresser and I wake up and fall asleep looking at it every day. I'm in the middle of that big move that you can read about here so I have not yet begun them….so sad. I can't wait to start, but I want to really be able to enjoy making them and not be picking them up and putting them down constantly.

I'll totally post an update when I get them going!

Have you made these? Have you made anything from WATGs other kits? What have you won that you were super excited about? I'd love to hear?!

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