The Big Move Progress!

Phewwwwwwww what a crazy almost TWO weeks! It feels like months!

If you aren’t sure what I mean about this Big Move you can read about it in my previous post here and here!

So I am definitely making progress, but it doesn’t look like much! But the progress is there! We are so close to being able to stay in the upstairs, it’s refreshing. Not to mention my mom gave us a deadline of Monday so that my dad can start to really dig in on finishing the kitchen. No pressure, really, haha. 

I’m excited to be upstairs full time so I can continue to organize and be out of the way for things to be finished downstairs! 

Going through everything and cleaning out is giving me so many idea for the spaces upstairs! I’ll be sure to share them! 

I’m also coming across a TON of old projects! One of which I’m just not sure what to do with…..

I started this blanket years ago, I intended for it to be HUGE. I was making it in colors at the time that I loved and was decorating with. Now my taste has totally changed. I like cooler colors, lots or grey and beachy tones. So this blanket is not really fitting in so great. Instead of continuing on with it I’m thinking I’ll just leave it at the size it’s at and add the border. What do you think? It’s seriously large already!

Oh but the torture, I want so much to sit and work on my projects but I must stay focused and keep going with the move!!!

How do you stay focused and organized? I just want to play with my yarn!

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Best, Brianna. 

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