Organizing Woes

So that “Big Move” I was talking about? I think it really is going to be a big move, haha. My grandparents left for Florida and I am in the process of bringing some items upstairs. I am trying to keep as much of their stuff upstairs with mine so there is less to work around downstairs. It’s amazing what gets collected in a house after 40+ years. 

*It is also amazing how many typos can be found in one short paragraph. Note to self, go reread published posts!*

I’m a bit frustrated and discouraged with the the almost non existent dent I’ve made in two days. But you know what?! TODAY is a new day and I AM going to be POSITIVE! I can do this, and it will get done!

Any organization/moving tips for me?

Also, I have founds so many knitting needles, that I’m becoming motivated to try and pick up the craft again!

Any knitting tips for a beginner?

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Best, Brianna

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