Vacation Prep! 

I love summer. I love the warm weather. I love the sun. I love being outside. I love the beach. I love going up to my ankles in the ocean, haha. I’m not one for really swim in it, but hey, to each their own right?

So anyways, last year we didn’t do much since we had just had Jack. This year I was a bit on the fence about planning anything because I wasn’t sure how well Jack would travel. BUT we ended up having a great opportunity!

My husband’s aunt and uncle (I adore them) go to LBI every summer. We went out with them a few years back for a few days and loved it. They have invited us to go  this year and of course we jumped on it! It really is perfect because we can go out, plan to stay a few days, but if Jack isn’t happy with the traveling and being in a different space we can leave. 

However, this is our first beach trip with the little guy so I need to start collecting things I need for him. Totally new to me! I’m definitely a less is more kind of mom. I’m not big on all the gadgets and things that babies supposedly need. I know I need sunblock, some sort of tent for him, probably some beach clothes, poor kid inherited my really white skin. A sun hat would be great if I could get him to keep it on, but what else? Some beach toys? How much will he really want to play with anything? I think he will just be soooo distracted and interested in everything going on around him. 

So what do you suggest? New mommy here looking for baby beach travel tips!

I’m so excited for this mini vacation in a few weeks and I’ll be sure to post our adventures!!!

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Best, Brianna. 

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