Are you a stay at home mom or a work at home mom, OR are you like me and trying to do both? Either way it’s exhausting. 

After I finished college I got a great job with a big design-build firm. I was making pretty good money and really started running up the latter. BUT with the crazy hours and my and my husband’s schedules being totally different I began to loath something that I loved. I worked Tuesday to Saturday 10am-8pm (to accommodate clients) and my husband worked 5am to anywhere between 5pm and 7pm, off Tuesday’s and the weekend. So we had one day, Sunday, to have anytime for us.

Now I know some people thrive off of that type of craziness. Me? Not so much. When I was in college I had wacky schedules that changed every semester, and that was fine. The difference there was that had an end point. I knew when the semester was over. I knew how many (about) semesters it would take for me to complete my degree and then it was over. This, my job, my career, that really doesn’t have an end point. So after about, I think a year and a half, I knew I needed a change. 

I had the freedom that my husband didn’t to explore new options and it was up to me to make a move. My husband, fianc√© at the time, was on board with whatever I wanted to do. He of course was thrilled to be able to have me cooking dinner again, men right? 

So what was the tipping point for this decision? We were planning a wedding, and talking about our future and of course kids! I love babies, I want a bazillion babies. The big reason for the career I chose was because I knew I could eventually work from home. I could be my own boss and do as much or as little necessary. It was time to make that happen.

My type of work only really requires a computer and my programs. I can essentially work from anywhere. Through college I worked with my grandfather’s engineering company, where I had made quite a few connections with some really fantastic architects. So I reached out to one that I knew was looking for some help and offered to work, FROM HOME, for him. He immediately said yes! I gave my two weeks the next day, and haven’t regretted it once. 

Flash forward, about 3 years, and I have happily been working from home. Now since having the little guy a year ago my work load has slowed down. There is really only so much I can do on my computer with a baby on my hip. Believe it or not it was easier to do more when he was smaller. A mobile baby and a laptop don’t mesh well, hahahah. So my work hours are really limited to nap time and when my husband is home. Funny how before I had a baby I thought this job would be perfect. HA, good one. 

Now, currently I am trying to grow a blogging base and also jump in the world of crochet as an income. Not the easiest thing to do!!! I’ll be honest, I haven’t been trying my absolute hardest. I am trying to take on as much real work as possible so the blog and my yarn obsession get put in the back seat quite often, damn bills. Oh, and of course there is also a baby to tend to!!! Can’t forget that. 

But you know what? The older he gets, the harder it is to try to work that “real job” I get some pretty serious deadlines, demanding clients, and forget about keeping up with codes and all that good stuff. I know with every job there are certain demands that need to be met. However those demands can be hard to meet when your heart just isn’t in it. You know what I mean?

There are some days that is just so beautiful out that I would much rather hang outside with the little guy, let him explore and work on some great ideas I have, but I have to get a job finished. Deadlines, deadlines. 

So that’s where I am at this very moment. Sleeping baby, computer that I just don’t want to keep clicking away on and a beautiful crochet project in my lap that I’m just itching to finish and share! I feel like it really is time for me to make another change in my life. Time to really go for something that I want so badly to succeed with. It’s time to jump in and really try to shine! Time to take my SAHM/WAHM status to a whole new level of mompreneur! 

TODAY IS THE DAY. Today I have decided to go for it and you can too! Jump in, take that risk and do it because I have realized life really is to short to not try to make your dreams happen. 

How do you find the right balance in you life? It’s not easy, but I’ll find a way! I’d love to heard how you did OR are trying to!

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Best, Brianna. 

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