Making an Old Pillow New

I love pillows. Seriously, but for whatever reason I either don’t like what I find or, if I do in my mind I’m like, “pshhh, I can make that, so I’m not spending money on it”. Do I ever make them? No. Until now…….

So I have quite a few pillows that came with something, mostly bed sets. Currently, I am working on this adorable little grey cover for this plain white decorative pillow. It’s just started to look dingy so it’s the first pillow I’m attacking. Pulse it’s tiny, about 12″x12″. Clearly Clifford is interested, but probably not looking to be helpful. The joys of a cat and a yarn obsession. 

Since I’m just using some pillow I had laying around and I would like you to be able to do this too I’m going to try my best to be as detailed but generic as possible. 

So here’s what I did :


2 strands of worsted weight acrylic yarn (Stitch Studio by Nicole, Pound of Stitches in Gentle Gray. I buy it from AC Moore)

K/10-1/2 6.50mm hook *I have added a link for a set of these hooks. I love them, these are what I use. I did just recently become an amazon affiliate (yay!) so if you do decide to purchase these hooks I do get a kickback!*

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Old Pillow (or new if you just feel like trying to cover one!)


So what I did was chain around until I had enough to fit snug around the pillow. (For me it was 70 chains). 

Then I worked in the round. So, making sure that my chain didn’t twist, I picked up only one stitch from the first chain and Single Crocheted around on only one side of the chain. 

I did three rounds of Single Crochet. 

When I got back to around where the tail was where I began to alternate one Single Crochet then one Single Crochet in the BACK LOOP only. That’s what gives this pillow such amazing texture!

I really liked working the stitches like this because it let the piece be tight, but also gave it just the extra stretch it needed. 
It’s almost looks like the Moss Stitch, but its sturdier. 

When I got about 11″ worked up, about 31 rounds including the first three of Single Crochet, I switched back to Single Crochet in every stitch for the last three rounds. 

*make sure you test your pillow cover multiple times while working it up for proper sizing.*

At this point I put the cover over the pillow so that I could finish up the ends. 

I used the flat zipper stitch as my joining method. It’s super simple, I promise! What you do is pick up on loop on one side and then one loop on the other, yarn over, pull through both loops. Then you just keep picking up, left, right, yarn over pull through. 

This is where I leaned this joining method from. This is a great tutorial.

So you are going to join both sides of you pillow like this, and then weave in your ends. 

Before you close up the second side make sure the pillow is adjusted well in the cover. 

Then you’re done!

Do you love it?! I LOVE MINE!!!

I am working on another one using a slightly larger hook, still two strands, and a different variation on the Single Crochet. I’ll post an update as soon as it’s done!

I would love to see pillows you have given new life to!

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Best, Brianna

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