Alphabet Blanket

So I’ve been thinking about making an alphabet blanket for my little guy. I have sooooo many projects going for him. My thought was to create crochet letter patches and then put them all together in the end. Mind you I’m still working on his temperature blanket of his first year. He just turned 1 and I’ve only made it through June, July and maybe 5 days of August. Hopefully the alphabet blanket is a bit more interesting and I can stay at a decent pace! 

So I’m going to do the obvious and start with “A”. I plan to document each letter and do a short explanation of each. Maybe this one will become a pattern, maybe not, I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into with this one!!!

I am going to try and only use scraps for this blanket since I would like it to be really colorful and as interesting as possible for my little guy. Since most of my scrap yarn is worsted weight I’ll try to stick to a 5mm hook. I am also really wanting to try some cross stitch, so that’s how I plan on making the letters. Right now I’m also being super ambitious and thinking that I’d like to make a little crochet appliqu√© picture for each letter as well. Seems like a bit much? We’ll see!!!

Have you made or seen anything similar? Any tips for what I’m trying to do? Comment below and tell me about it!

Best, Brianna

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