New Baby Nostalgia 

So a friend of ours just had their first baby. Like I just sent a congratulatory text, and started blogging kind of “just”. Knowing that they have begun to enjoy those first few moments with their beautiful little bundle just sent me back to those first moments and how special they were.

Maybe it’s because my little guy is going to be one on Sunday. Maybe it’s the itch I’ve been having for another. Maybe it’s just how you feel when you know how amazing the moments they are having right now are. 

Like looking at his little fingers and toes for the first time. The first time he wrapped his tiny hand around one of my fingers. The first nuzzles into your chest and sleeping there so peacefully. Seeing his dad hold him for the first time. 

It’s a feeling I can’t really explain but I am just yearning for that moment again. I guess it is the baby itch and how amazing every single moment with my apple seed has been. 

Any one else feel this way when you hear of a new baby? 



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9 thoughts on “New Baby Nostalgia 

  1. I definitely feel the same, I had this ‘baby itch’ at around 6 months and also when my little boy turned one. I was dieing to have another, it really made me sad to think I won’t have those tiny moments again for a while! It’s amazing when your friends have babies when you’re well advanced with your child. You completely understand every stage they’re going through.

    Lovely post.

    Louise –

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