Crochet Cacti? Yes, please!

So I HAD a green thumb. Had. I loveeee to garden, I just love plants. I had a knack for it, and it was amazing.

However, with Jack, I just don’t have time, or the capability to remember to water, trim and just care for all of my plants. I try my hardest to keep my 5+ orchids alive that I have had for YEARS. But I’m struggling.

So, I do have a crochet obsession and every spare moment I have I try to pick up a hook if I’m not working, doing laundry or picking fig newtons out of my carpet. Yes, I know, I could  tend to the plants instead of crochet, but hey, crochet keeps me sane. So the solution to the death of my green thumb? Plants I can’t kill!!!

Look! My first crochet cactus! I’m in love, totally obsessed and this will be my new go to quick project!

Plus I have a ton of scrap yarn, and these are great little creations perfect for that yarn that just won’t go far enough for a bigger project!

Don’t you just love them?!?!

I’m going to start working up a few more and all add my progress/process here! I’ll also be working up some patterns for my favorites!!!

Best, Brianna.

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