So many BABIES!

Have you ever heard the saying that things come in 3’s? Well if that’s the case then there should be a 6th baby brewing that I don’t know about!

I had Jack in June of 2016, my aunt just had her little boy at the end of October and my sister is due January 2017!!! So that’s the 3. BUT in the past few weeks I have been told about 2 more new babies on the way. So if the rule of 3’s holds then there must be a third baby brewing! 

So, since having Jack, I’ve made it my personal goal to make every new mama a crochet baby blanket! I made Jack a beautiful, HUGE, baby blanket. I didn’t realize the average size of a baby blanket until I started receiving them as gifts! So Jack’s baby blanket will be usable well into his early years! 

I had to rush to finish the blanket I was making for my aunt because her little angel made an early entry into the world. A whole 6, yes SIX, weeks early! My aunt never finds out what she’s having, and wouldn’t you know it? Baby number 4 was her 4th boy!!! I tried to make her blanket as gender neutral as possible, but in the back of my mind I must have known it was a boy since it is a bit more masculine! There were a few pastels, but mostly more rich deep colors and lots of greens. I backed it with a beautiful green turtle printed flannel. The flannel was sewn on using yarn, which I think gave it such a fun and cozy look!

I am currently finishing the backing for my sisters blanket! I’m so excited for it to be finished and for her to see it completed. She’s seen the blanket already, we are with each other nearly every day so it’s fairly difficult to keep something hidden, haha. BUT I’m trying to keep the finished blanket a secret! 

Now one of the new babies is also going to be a surprise! Another gender neutral blanket! This is the first one that I am working on from the start since launching my blog! So what I will be doing for this one is documenting the whole process and writing a pattern!!! So exciting! Sneak peak below of two of the colors and the type of square I’m using!

Our friends found out they will be having a girl!!! So I finally get to make a blanket for a little princess! Now, I don’t feel like they are super girly people, so I found this great cotton yarn called “Peaches and Cream”. I decided to use this for their bundle of joy and try out the corner to corner method. *it may be my new favorite stitch!*

What do you think!?

Best, Brianna. 

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